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Bitcoin Marketplace | Cryptocurrency


Influencer Search and Selection | Partnerships

Campaign KPIs:

Drive Interest | Web Traffic | Brand Reach | Platform Usage


Paxful, one of the world’s largest and safest peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platforms, needed a solution that enabled a streamlined influencer search and selection process, the ability to build long-term influencer partnerships and nurture these new relationships at scale.


Upfluence sourced highly aligned Twitch Streamers to improve brand visibility and Paxful registrations via a fully customized and Paxful branded broadcast package, featuring brand shoutouts, underlay and overlay branded banners, and chatbot commands.


A combination of Twitter and Twitch posts supported Upfluence’s campaign for Paxful, garnering impressive traction. With over 3 million branded hours displayed, and over 4 million Live Twitch Views, the Paxful campaign generated significant audience engagement and web traffic.


Live Twitch Views


Unique Twitch Viewers


Awesome! We’ve found Twitch audiences relevant to fin/crypto, on a new channel we’re trying out. Thank you very much! | PAXFUL


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