Influencer Marketing Industry Reports

Want to better understand the state of influencer marketing in your industry? Find out how influencers are performing in brand campaigns across various sectors in a dedicated industry report analyzing average engagement rate, best performing hashtags, number of followers, and more. These reports are powered by Upfluence.

We have published influencer marketing reports on: Supermarket and Grocery Stores; the Fashion industry; the Beauty industry; the Alcoholic Beverage industry; the Fitness & Nutrition industry; and the Consumer Tech industry. Even more industries coming soon!


Consumer Tech

Get the latest performance insights about tech influencers thanks to data from the Upfluence software. Learn which social platforms, influencer types and content formats  are best-suited to tech audiences. 



Fitness & Nutrition

Check out our industry report for insights into the best social media channels, influencer size and hashtags to leverage in your fitness influencer campaigns based on data from the Upfluence software!



Alcoholic Beverages

See which platforms best for your alcohol brand niche, as well as key data on influencer follower counts, engagement rate and top hashtags for the alcoholic beverage industry. Insights based on Upfluence data from 1,000 alcohol influencers.


Fashion: High-Street & Luxury Brands

See our insights on influencer marketing in the fashion industry. Our report analyzes data on influencer campaigns by high-street and luxury brands to compare followers, engagement rates and audience demographics.


Beauty Brands

Get the latest data on influencer marketing in the beauty industry. Compare average likes, followers and engagement rates for beauty influencers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Based on data from 1,000 beauty influencers and 100+ beauty brands. 


Supermarket & Grocery Stores

Find out the latest developments in influencer marketing within the supermarket and grocery store sector in our comparison report analyzing how big and medium sized consumer goods brands are working with influencers. 

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