Using Data to Amplify Influencer Marketing Strategies

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Discover the power of integrating your systems to unlock new revenue opportunities

Understanding the power of connecting the tools you use within your influencer marketing strategy is key to a seamless and optimized influencer campaign.

In this webinar we discuss how to get value out of the information that surfaces when your business systems talk to each other.  You’ll learn how to use this newfound insight to identify your best influencers and optimize every aspect of your influencer marketing process. From influencer selection, to outreach and driving sales, connecting your everyday business tools with your influencer software will help you get the most from your campaigns.

Upfluence integrates with your favorite business tools to offer data-powered influencer marketing. We’ll explore how integrations with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce and CRM tools such as Klaviyo will help you analyze social data to find your best brand ambassadors.

Our guest Doug Hill from Atfluence, a leading influencer marketing agency will share how he successfully used Upfluence’s integrations to identify influential customers to run a successful product launch campaign for Dolly Parton’s fragrance.

What will you learn?

_How Atfluence uses Upfluence and integrations
_Where is the data hiding?
_Atfluence’s successful product launch using IM

Meet the speakers!

Paul KahnAdam Shapiro Head of Product Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence
Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Doug Hill

Partner at Atfluence 

Adam Shapiro

Head of Product Marketing &

Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence

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