Micro Center: Achieving 9.2M impressions through 10 Twitch creator collaborations in 2 months.

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Micro Center drove online and offline visits through a ‘Live Unboxing’ campaign on Twitch

With the launch of their new gaming computer, MainGear Vibe 2, Micro Center was looking to leverage Twitch streamers to promote the product to the gaming audience. Through collaborations with 10 influencers, the campaign generated 9.2M impressions with over 1M unique viewers of the ‘Live Unboxing’ component.

What will you learn in this case study?

  • You will discover how Upfluence helped Micro Center identify and activate 10 partnerships with influencers that embody the brand’s target audience in the gaming industry. 
  • How 10 influencers helped Micro Center achieve over 70% positive brand sentiment recorded on Twitch.
  • How Micro Center’s influencers promoted sales of the new gaming computer on Twitch and Twitter with a unique promotion and an engaging introduction to the product through ‘Live Unboxing’ streams.
  • And understand how Micro Center successfully reached nearly 1.7M prospective customers on Twitch.

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