Using Influencer Marketing to Defend the Causes You Care About

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Why influencer marketing is one of the most effective tactics for increasing awareness about important causes and organizations.

Over the last decade, more and more celebrities have been pairing up with charities and nonprofit organizations to show their support for the causes they believe in.

Kate Hudson backs Watch Hunger Stop, Emma Watson is a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Leonardo Dicaprio is a regular at climate change rallies and events and Orlando Bloom is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. These are just a handful of the many celebs who support different causes and organizations but their efforts very clearly demonstrate the powerful effects of influencer marketing.

Nonprofit influencer marketing objectives

There are three main objectives that can be achieved when using influencer marketing to promote a charity or nonprofit organization:

  1. Visibility.

    Partnering with an influencer means you’re going to start reaching far more eyes and ears. Most celebrities have millions of followers and fans, especially on social media, which means there are millions of people who will be exposed to your cause when you partner with an influential person. Mencap managed to reach more than 10 million social media users when they partnered with entertainers Nick and Sammy, to promote their #HereIAm campaign.

  2. Interest.

    When an influencer has something to say, thousands, if not millions of people sit up and pay attention. Getting an influencer to back your organization will help generate interest in your cause and get people to react, even if they only help spread the word to others. Lauren Luke launched a campaign around domestic violence by creating a video that explained how to cover up bruises. The video generated 2.5 million views and 21 000 likes on Youtube.

  3. Conversion.

    A good call-to-action and an influencer are all you need to get people to start converting and supporting your charity or nonprofit. Influencers have the ability to get people to take action. Jerome Jarre, a famous French entrepreneur, managed to raise over $2 million in a matter of days to help fight hunger in Somalia simply because he is an inspiration and a mentor to so many.

4 Tips for using influencer marketing as a nonprofit

If you really want to spread the word about a cause or organization that’s important to you or your business, below are 4 tips for using influencer marketing to achieve your campaign objectives:

  1. Choose the right influencer.

    While there are thousands of influencers that you could partner with, it’s incredibly important to choose the right influencer. Authenticity is key when it comes to promoting a charity or nonprofit so it pays to take the time to partner with an influencer that speaks to your organization’s values. Choosing the right influencer is far more important than choosing the biggest or most popular. Your partnership should look and feel natural. It helps to do some research on the influencers you have in mind to make sure that there aren’t any conflicts or past issues that may have a negative influence on your nonprofit later down the line. Upfluence’s comprehensive influencer database ensures that you are choosing and partnering with the right influencers for your specific brand.

  2. Be transparent.

    When approaching influencers about a partnership, it’s important to be clear and transparent about your expectations and objectives. Not only will this help protect your organization but it also ensures that the influencer can create the best possible content for your campaign. You can even put your objectives and expectations down in writing to be sure that all parties are clear on the results you are looking to achieve.

  3. Offer some creative freedom.

    While you, of course, want to make sure that your charity or organization is being portrayed in the right light, a seasoned influencer will know how best to approach their fans and followers about a cause and get them to convert, which is why it is important to give your influencer some creative freedom when it comes to the development of your content and your campaign. You may even find that if you don’t try and control every aspect of the campaign and the content, you will be able to attract influencers of a higher quality.

  4. Measure and optimize.

    Monitoring the results of your influencer campaigns is the best way to ensure success now and in the future. By keeping track of your results on a regular basis, you can also optimize your content and campaigns along the way, giving you a greater chance of achieving your objectives. Upfluence’s Software can be used to identify the best possible influencers and to monitor their audiences and publications to calculate the impact of an influencer marketing campaign.

Upfluence are the leaders in influencer marketing and have worked with brands of all sizes, from all over the world. Click here to find out more about some of the influencer marketing campaigns that we’ve run in the past and how we can help generate more awareness around your nonprofit organization or charity.

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