How Fuze Tea integrated Twitch into their influencer marketing strategy

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Fuze Tea made an impact with their first campaign on Twitch thanks to influencers

Fuze Tea was aiming to increase brand awareness amongst a younger audience through influencer partnerships on Twitch and Instagram. Through collaborations with 6 influencers, the campaign generated 630K impressions on Instagram and 47K unique viewers on Twitch.

What will you learn in this case study?

  • You will learn how Upfluence helped Fuze Tea to identify and activate 6 partnerships with influencers to promote the idea that a moment of pause is a moment to enjoy Fuze Tea
  • How 6 influencers helped Fuze Tea achieve a 47% increase in impressions thanks to campaigns across Instagram and Twitch.
  • How Fuze Tea’s strong partnerships led to influencers creating extra content for the campaign.

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