Mother’s Day magic: generating close to $140K in sales for a luxury retail client

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Influencer Marketing Platform » Luxury Industry » Mother’s Day magic: generating close to $140K in sales for a luxury retail client
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Read how Upfluence helped this anonymous client from the Luxury Industry reach $140K in Sales in 30 days through a Mother's day special affiliate program.
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Seasonal sales generation: $140K in just 30 days, with affiliate content creators

This client is a floral e-commerce company that produces a diverse range of unique flower arrangements of different price ranges that make the perfect gift for any occasion.


Their Need

They were looking for an Influencer and Affiliate Marketing platform to run their evergreen and seasonal Influencer Marketing Programs and to help generate sales.

The Solution

Upfluence enhances the management of their Influencer Programs from start to finish. Our comprehensive tool includes influencer identification, email outreach, affiliation campaign creation, content management, and ROI analysis.


Week 1 - Program Set up
  • Onboarding process
  • Shopify and affiliation set up
  • Influencer program crafting
Week 1-2 - Creator Management
  • Content creator research
  • Email outreach enhanced by ChatGPT
  • Creator product gifting
Week 2-4 - Creator publications and sales
  • Content approval and creator publications
  • Sales generation & ROI tracking
  • Influencer payments

getting started

Onboarding & Campaign Set-up

Streamlined onboarding process

  • Sessions with an account manager to dive into campaign needs
  • Full support available for any technical requests

Set-up for success

  • Hands on support for the set up of the influencer program
  • Emails and brief templates provided to get up and started

Seamless stack integration

  • Shopify integrations for affiliation set up with promo codes and tracking links
  • Product selection and one-click shipping for creators

Mother’s day: a successful momentum

Gradual conversions that intensified as Mother's Day approached

Sales generation prior to D-Day:

Over the span of 3 weeks, creators have generated:

  • 808 orders with coupon codes
  • An average order value worth $173
  • For a total of $139,562 in sales

A gradual investment, leading to a 3x ROI

As creators received payment on a performance model, it was almost risk-free:

  • $39,600 revenue shared to 19 influencers
  • $6,000 bonus distributed to 6 ($1,000 each) influencers
  • $995 Upfluence monthly cost

Program process

A unique creator program

A unique creator value proposition

Each content creator was compensated with the following:

  • A product of their choice, no set fee
  • A performance-based model of $50 commission per sale
  • A bonus of $1,000 if they reach $1,000 worth of sales

An easy & smooth influencer identification

With active and passive ways of discovering content creators:

  • From an intuitive search tool with millions of creators
  • To identifying influential customers from the company’s client database

A successful model


Streamlined workflow

A well-established process

That can be duplicated for all key sales events along the way:

  1. Influencers pick their product from real-time inventory and provide their delivery details
  2. Orders are sent their way, all in one click
  3. Affiliation program is set-up to track sales with promo codes and affiliate links
  4. Automated commission calculation for easiest payments

Iterative process and continuous ROI improvement

  • Renewed partnerships with best performers and stopped collaborating with bad performers
  • Best practice implementation thanks to Upfluence’s detailed reporting insights
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