Manual vs. Software: What’s Best for Influencer Campaign Budgets? [Free guide]

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Are you running your influencer marketing campaigns in-house? You’ll soon realize that it’s a lengthy process that takes up a lot of time and resources. A marketing team should be using their time for strategizing, planning and scouting the next trends to stay ahead of the competition. But in reality, when running an influencer campaign manually, they’ll spend hours searching for influencers and writing thousands of emails. The hard work doesn’t stop after the contracts are signed either. Managing an influencer campaign involves other time-consuming tasks. These include sending out briefs, approving content, monitoring performance, and sending payments. Therefore this begs the question, is it really the best choice to keep running manual campaigns?

Scale your in-house campaigns with an influencer marketing software

After running several successful influencer marketing campaigns, you’ll no doubt want to keep running more. In that case, your business is ready to scale influencer marketing efforts and it’s time to consider investing in an influencer marketing software. Marketers rely on the latest technology to boost efficiency in many areas of marketing. This applies to email campaigns, social media and advertising. Influencer marketing is no different! You will gain a lot from making the initial investment in an influencer marketing software. It will help you to optimize each step of the campaign process, automate key tasks and boost overall productivity. You’ll grow your in-house capacity for running campaigns. In addition, it will be possible to recruit more influencers and run even more campaigns simultaneously without the need to hire or train more staff.

It’s a win for ROI

It might seem cost-saving to simply use excel spreadsheets to manage the entirety of your influencer campaigns. Even if you use a paid tool for influencer search many fall back into the habit of importing found influencers into a spreadsheet and the process starts again! But there’s a better way that will help you run effective campaigns with minimum effort. Try out an influencer marketing platform with in-built campaign management allowing easy product sending, uploading briefs, signing contracts, generating promo codes, tracking sales and making influencer payouts. This is what Upfluence has to offer. You’ll run effective, profitable campaigns in half the time!

Moreover, using an influencer marketing software is an investment that will help you minimize your spending and boost ROI in the long run. You’ll immediately save time and resources while running more successful campaigns thanks to data-driven influencer selection, all-in-one campaign management and powerful eCommerce integrations.

Could an influencer marketing software help your business?

Check out the free guide below in order to decide if your business is experiencing some these challenges and is ready to try an influencer marketing software to help you run better campaigns.

Download the guide: Influencer Campaign Budgeting: Manual vs. Software

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