Influencer Marketing Course

Become an influencer marketing expert today with the ultimate influencer marketing training course. Upfluence’s in-house influencer marketing specialists know exactly what it takes to run a successful influencer marketing campaign that delivers results. That’s why they’ve distilled their knowledge into an easy-to-follow course, full of practical tips and examples so that you can learn from the best!

Influencer Marketing from A to Z

Learn how to plan, deliver and measure impactful influencer campaigns with this 3-Part course. 

In 7 lessons, you’ll learn how to identify the best creators, master influencer outreach, build results-driven campaigns, calculate ROI and so much MORE!


Plan a top-performing campaign

Influencer marketing has the potential to create huge ROI for your brand, but only if you get it right from the start.

_Lesson One: What is influencer marketing?

_Lesson Two: Goals & Strategy

planning influencer campaigns
managing influencer campaigns

Manage creator partnerships

Get more out of every stage of your campaign with expert insights and tips designed to help you meet your business goals.

_Lesson 3: Smart influencer selection

_Lesson 4: Mastering influencer outreach

_Lesson 5: Choosing campaign type


Measure your success

Learn how to calculate the ROI of your campaignsand get maximum value from your influencer content across all your marketing channels.

_Lesson 6: Measuring success

_Lesson 7: Getting the most from your campaign

evaluating influencer camapigns