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Update: July 2019

With over 3.5 million active broadcasters, Twitch is one of the largest live streaming platforms around today.  Let’s take a closer look at the top Twitch streamers who are worth following.

From music and cooking to artwork creation and chat shows, Twitch caters to a variety of different interests, however, gaming is still one of the top categories on this popular online platform.  In fact, Twitch is seen as the leading social media platform for gamers.  The top gaming influencers on Twitch have large followings and even though this space is still dominated by male streamers, female streamers are on the rise too.

Twitch has become a space where gamers can really explore and showcase their passion for gaming and even though some of these influencers may not have millions of followers, their communities are fiercely loyal, which is what makes them more powerful.  These tight-knit gaming communities are fast becoming the focus of many influencer marketing campaigns as more marketers realize the value in targeting audiences using this unique platform.

It’s for this reason that many Twitch gaming influencers are able to earn a good (and amazingly good!) income as game streamers.

Top 16 Gaming Streamers on Twitch

Here are the 16 biggest Twitch streamers that are leading the scoreboard based on their number of followers.

16.    loltyler1 (Tyler Steincamp)

Loltyler1 Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 2,503,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $500,000

Based in the United States, Tyler rose to fame on Twitch by playing and streaming League of Legends.

In 2014, Tyler was ranked as the 13th best League of Legends player in the world and today, he continues to stream via Twitch and regularly uploads gaming-related content to his YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, Tyler didn’t become famous for all the right reasons. His toxic behavior and unsportsmanlike conduct lead to several of his accounts being banned. Nonetheless, he manages to maintain a loyal fan base and also sells merchandise on his personal website.


15.    Sodapoppin (Chance Morris)

Sodapoppin Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 2,531,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 million

Part owner of NRG eSports, Sodapoppin started his streaming career on a website called Xfire and has been a streamer on Twitch for over 6 years.

Even though this Texan streamer was an avid World of Warcraft gamer when he first started out, today he plays a much wider variety of games but still touches on his favorite from time to time.  Along with his daily gaming videos, Chance is also known for his prank, challenge, and gambling video content, with his YouTube channel having over 1 million subscribers.

As a side project, Chance has also launched an online store called Teepublic.


14.    Imaqtpie (Michael Santana)

Imaqtpie Twitch Streamer

Image via YouTube
  • Followers: 2,568,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 million

Based in Florida, Imaqtpie started playing games at a young age and reached Challenger 1 on the North American server during his time as a full-time League of Legends player. He is also the current champion of the flippers360 LAN tournament.

Until the end of 2014, Michael was a member of professional gaming team, Dignitas, but today, he spends roughly 9 hours streaming on Twitch, 6 days a week.  He also co-hosts Beyond the Rift on YouTube with fellow gamer, Scarra, where they discuss top news, issues, and game predictions relating to League of Legends.

Imaqtpie earns most of his income from tournaments as well as his channel on Twitch.


13.    Syndicate (Tom Cassell)

Syndicate Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 2,708,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $4.8 million

Known for his skills with games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty, Syndicate was the first gamers to receive 1 million followers on Twitch back in 2014.

His YouTube gaming channel, TheSyndicateProject, has close to 10 million subscribers and his daily vlog channel, Life of Tom, has an astounding 2.6 million fans.

Tom’s career doesn’t end with gaming though.

He is also the vice president of and runs his own online clothing store, SyndicateOriginal.  Syndicate has worked with several top brands in the past, including Microsoft when they released the Xbox One.



Nickmercs streamer Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 2,879,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $750,000

NickMercs is a body-builder and Twitch streamer. He has also more than 1.9 million subscribers on YouTube. He is known for playing games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty.


11.    Pokimane (Imane Anys)

Pokimane Streamer Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,196,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $250,000

Born in Morocco, Pokimane is one of the top female Twitch streamers in the world and a rising internet star. She has also more than 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube. She is known for playing games such as Fortnite and League of Legends and even has her own range of merchandise.

A report by SocialBlade showed that Pokimane earns up to $618.8 thousand a year from her gaming videos and various social media campaigns.  In August 2018, Pokimane was invited to stream at the Teen Choice Awards in an effort to highlight the popularity of streaming and gaming and to make it more mainstream.  Pokimane has worked with brands such as Winky Lux and is one of five internet stars who create content for the popular YouTube channel, Offline TV.


10.    DRLUPO

DrLupo Streamer Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,449,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $2 million

Ben, a full-time streamer based in the USA, has been a professional player of Fortnite for years.

DrLupo also has a strong presence on YouTube, with a subscriber base of over 1.5 million followers.


9.    DrDisRespectLIVE (Guy Beahm)

DrDisRespectLIVE Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,542,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $3.5 million

This award-winning gamer is known for his larger-than-life personality, stand-out mustache, and mirror-lens sunglasses.

Referred to as “The Doc” by his fans, Guy is known for playing games such as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and League of Legends. Guy started his career at Sledgehammer Games as a community manager where he went on to become a level designer.

His time as a multiplayer map designer saw him work on maps for games such as Horizon, Recovery, Ascend, Quarantine, and Solar. From there, he became one of the most popular names in the gaming world.

The Doc’s innate ability to connect and engage with his fans is what lead to sponsorships from brands such as Turtle Beach, Razer, and Discord. In an effort to market their s H1Z1 Auto Royale game, Beahm partnered with Daybreak Games for a live 3-hour stream.

The stream, which attracted over 39,000 views, gave gamers a first-hand look at what the game offered. Guy spent time addressing questions and concerns from gamers in an effort to drive game sales.

Guy generates most of his income from his Twitch and YouTube channels as well as the Champions Club, which gives subscribers access to premium features on Twitch.


8.    Tsm_Daequan

TSM_Daequan streamer Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,560,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $750,000

Daequan, a full-time streamer based in the USA, plays a wide variety of games but Fortnite is by far his favorite.

He is rising since June 2018 to become the 8th most followed streamer. He is another team member of Team SoloMid. He managed to gain a massive online following in less than 12 months.

Daequan also has an extremely strong presence on YouTube, with a subscriber base of over 5 million followers.


7.    TimTheTatMan (Timothy John Betar)

TimTheTatman Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,874,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $6.5 million

Tim, a full-time streamer based in the USA, plays a wide variety of games but Fortnite and Overwatch are his favorites. His streams often include his wife, who often joins him in his live streams.

Tim started his gaming career on Twitch back in 2012 and now also runs a YouTube channel that has over 1.6 million subscribers. Tim has been sponsored by several different brands, with Monster Energy being the most notable. Some of his other sponsors include Audio-Technica, Razer, and NZXT.

Along with earning an income from his Twitch and YouTube channels, Tim also sells merchandise on the DesignByHumans online store.


6.    summit1g (Jaryd Lazar)

summit1g Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 3,898,000+
  • Estimated Net Worth: $7.5 million

Summit1g, a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player and semi-professional streamer in the United States, was the biggest Twitch gaming influencer before Ninja, Shroud, TFUE & Myth surpassed him last year.

Jaryd currently streams Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as Fortnite on most days of the week. Before retiring from his career as a (CS:GO) pro, Jaryd played on competitive gaming teams and was sponsored by brands such as Monster Energy and Audio-Technica.

In an effort to participate in the Alienware Cup, Jaryd joined Quantic Gamic. He was also a member of potato streamers and a part of the Ze Pug Godz team. Lazar moved over to team Mythic and competed in the Main Division of ESEA in 2017.

Along with his Twitch channel being so popular, summit1g also has a strong following on social media, including YouTube where he has over 600,000 subscribers.


5.    Dakotaz (Brett Hoffman)

  • Followers: 3,900,276
  • Estimated Net Worth: $2 million

Dakotaz, comes in at number 5 on our top streamers list, is based in the United States and is known for playing games such as Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Along with his daily streams on Twitch, Brett also uploads videos to YouTube, where he has an additional 3 million subscribers.  Dakotaz’s gaming career started with him playing War-Z and Clearview PVP games. From there, he moved onto games such as Infestation, H1Z1 and The Forest before discovering the games he currently plays. Last year, Brett became a member of Team Solomid.

There is also an official Dakotaz online merchandise store


4.    tsm_myth (Ali Kabbani)

TSM_Myth Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 5,236,923
  • Estimated Net Worth: $1 million

Tsm-myth is a rising Twitch star and is well known for his Fortnite gaming skills. His love for video games started at the age of 4 but he officially starting streaming in 2016 on a Twitch channel called Paragon. He managed to gain a massive online following in a very short space of time.

Ali is known as the best Fortnite player in the world and is currently the captain of Team Solomid. He has also competed against Ninja, who is currently the most influential gamer on Twitch.

Tsm_myth also has a strong presence on YouTube, with a massive subscriber base of over 4.3 million.

Some of the brands that currently sponsor Ali include Dr Pepper, Chipotle, Vertagear, and GEICO Gaming.


3.    TFUE

TFUE Streamer Twitch

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 6,625,909
  • Estimated Net Worth: $5 million

Tfue is a new comer in the top 3 Twitch star. He is rising since July 2018 to become the 3rd most followed streamer with more than 6 million followers. He is well known for his Fortnite gaming skills. He managed to gain a massive online following in less than 12 months.

Tfue also has an extremely strong presence on YouTube, with a subscriber base of over 11 million and on Instagram with 5.7 million followers.


2.    Shroud (Michael Grzesiek)

Shroud Twitch Streamer

Image via Twitch
  • Followers: 6,707,709
  • Estimated Net Worth: $3 million

Shroud, aka Michael Grzesiek, was a professional Counter-Strike player for Cloud9 until late last year. Today, he is one of the most well-known and entertaining streamers on the gaming scene.

This Canadian gamer plays an average of 50 hours a week, with his primary games being The Culling, PUBG, Tom Clancy’s The Division, H1Z1, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege.

While his average video on Twitch receives over 25,000 viewers, millions of viewers tune in to watch him play at special tournaments.

When Michael first started out in gaming, he was a member of teams such as Exertus, Slow Motion, and Manajuma before he joined Cloud9 in 2014.

While Shroud generates most of his income from Twitch and YouTube, he is also sponsored by brands such as Hyper X and Madrinas Coffee.


1.    Ninja (Tyler Blevins)

Ninja Twitch

  • Followers: 14,666,175
  • Estimated Net Worth: $10 million

Ninja, Twitch’s biggest star, earns over $1 million every month from streaming alone.

Tyler is a former professional Halo gamer who is involved with Luminosity gaming. Ninja’s team ‘Renegades’ achieved 5th – 8th place for Halo 5 in the Halo World Championship in 2016.  Ninja is known to stream for up to 80 hours every week and has even partnered with celebs such as Drake in the past. His live-streamed lesson on Fortnite with the famous rapper broke Twitch records by gaining 635,000 concurrent spectators.

Ninja works with a number of different brands, including Uber Eats, Scuf Gaming, and Chuck Blevins Real Estate.

Ninja and Marshmello won the Fortnite Pro-Am event at E3 2018 and donated $1 million to charity, with Ninja also giving away an additional $50,000 in prize money during the first Fortnite Battle Royale Esports tournament in April this year.


Twitch as an influencer marketing tool

Twitch stats reveal that it is fast becoming the number one streaming hub for gaming aficionados. It’s a space to connect, share stories and exchange tips in an engaging and interactive way.

As much as Twitch is a mecca for gamers though, it is also a powerful platform for influencer marketers.

Not only is Twitch filled with hours of personalized content but the users are loyal and engaged too, making this the ideal space for marketers wanting to reach their target audiences in a more relatable and impactful way.  We put together a helpful post on all thing Twitch and Influencer marketing to get you started.

With the rapid growth being seen in the live gaming space, this is the ideal time for marketers to start including Twitch streamers in their influencer strategies and campaigns.

If you’d like to know how to get started with Twitch influencer marketing, have a look at our complete ‘how-to’.

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