Manage your influencer relationships

Build & nurture stronger relationships with your influencers with our flexible influencer relationship management tool.


Keep track of all your influencers

_Centralize your entire roster of influencers that you have worked with on previous campaigns or that you are currently working with. 

_Filter your influencers by name, location, campaign, list, and more and keep track of their latest activity to know who is active and who needs a follow-up.

Boost productivity IRM

Boost your productivity

_Our IRM is integrated with all of our other features to save you time so that you can focus your efforts on managing your influencer relationships.

_Perform bulk actions for more flexible influencer management. Select the influencers you wish to work with and add them to lists, campaigns, mailings, or streams, or create an entirely new list directly from your IRM dashboard.


Build long-term relationships

_Identify your star influencers and work with them across several campaigns to create long-term partnerships that will benefit both your brand and your influencers. 

_Rank influencers to easily find top performances with whom you wish to continue working with. 


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Use 20+ advanced search criteria.

Influencer Outreach

Contact influencers at scale.

Campaign Management

Manage campaigns from A to Z.

Team Collaboration

Communicate with teams

Influencer Profiles

Access over 3 million influencers


Measure performance & ROI

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