Connect:Collab:Create – What’s shaping the future of commerce?


With Shopify. What’s shaping the future of commerce?

Dive into the pathways to purchase and what brands can do to create a seamless shopping experience that better converts shoppers into customers. 2020 accelerated the commerce industry by a decade, forever changing the way brands and businesses run and grow in their markets, not to mention how consumers choose to shop and pay. This new norm suggests commerce has become much more than a transaction. It’s the relationship between a business and its customers, it’s an interaction, and that’s why social and commerce are set to change the future of buying online!

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Meet the speakers!

Marie Claude Leveille Paul Kahn Adam Shapiro
Marie-Claude Leveille

Senior Technology Partner at Shopify

Paul Kahn

Senior VP Sales at Upfluence

Adam Shapiro

Head of Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence