How to Write a Killer Influencer Brief in 10 Steps

An influencer brief is an essential part of every influencer marketing campaign. Yes, it lets influencers know about your campaign but, more importantly, it’s a great way to ensure they’re the right fit for it! Knowing that your brand values align with your influencers ultimately leads to a better, more effective influencer marketing campaign.

Writing an influencer brief doesn’t have to be difficult, and once you know how to do it, it’s easy to replicate! So without further ado, here’s our guide on how to write a killer influencer brief in 10 steps!


Use Visuals

Remember that saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’? Well, it’s true! Scientifically speaking, the human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than words. That might be a good incentive to use some, right? Pictures not only help convey aspects of your brand but also allow an influencer to visualize what it might be like to work with you. Whether it’s pictures from your website, a previous campaign, or a mood board  – visuals make all the difference! Don’t cram the brief full of pictures, but provide some when it is relevant (i.e., show some snapshots as an example of what kind of style and mood you’re looking for).

How To Write A Killer Influencer Brief In 10 Steps


Create a value proposition

Value propositions are oh-so-important nowadays! Why should the influencer work with you; what’s in store for them? Influencers are busy and swamped with requests daily, so make your value proposition as clear as possible – both textual and content-wise. Use wording that is unambiguous and to the point, and apply headers, bold fonts, etc. to make sure your value proposition is top-notch and easy to read!

How To Write A Killer Influencer Brief In 10 Steps


Provide background info

Whether it’s for your brand or that of a client, always provide some background info about the brand. If the influencer has never heard of your brand, what should they know about you? It’s time to introduce yourself. For example, what’s your mission? Start with that and go from there. Knowing about your brand values and what you are all about is often a deciding factor for influencers!

How To Write A Killer Influencer Brief In 10 Steps


Give product details

General information about your brand and the specifics go hand in hand. Once you’ve provided some general info, write about the product or service you want the influencer to promote. Giving influencers this info helps them understand and see if they fit with your overall campaign objective.

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Explain your campaign

Context is everything! You know your campaign better than anyone, so this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re using a mix of influencer marketing and traditional marketing, make sure the influencer knows! Ask yourself what social media platforms are you using, and what are your objectives. In this process, you also share your campaign goals, the message you want to convey, and the target audience you’d like to reach. You don’t need to spam them with big figures and numbers, but a general overview of what your campaign entails (i.e., events, TV ads..) is an essential element of your influencer brief.

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Share expectations

Setting clear expectations is crucial for both parties! By setting clear expectations for your influencers and what role you expect them to play in your campaign, you can avoid potential misunderstandings. Seeing how more and more brands cultivate long-term relationships with influencers, making things clear on both sides helps you form a better and lasting relationship with the influencer in the long run. 

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Include creative outlines

Make sure to include details of the kind of content the influencer will need to produce for your campaign. Again, some visuals as an example could be helpful here! In brief (ha;), you could think of it a little bit like answering the five Ws and 1H: What, where, why, who, when, and how – easy, peasy! Describe when to publish posts, and what tags and hashtags need to be included. Make sure everything is clear, and nothing leaves room for misinterpretation.

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State DO’S and DON’TS

Surely you know what you want and don’t want influencers to include or exclude in their posts, right? Well, this is the time to plot it down! It’ll help reduce confusion and the number of questions the influencer has about what they need to do to fulfill their end of the deal. Plus, you can never be too careful with your list of do’s and don’ts. Should the product be centered in pictures? Should the influencers use specific words (i.e., gluten-free cookies, cruelty-free makeup)? – The clearer, the better! For all we know, we don’t want another faux-pas à la Scott Disick’s Instagram fail.

How to write a killer influencer brief in 10 steps
A definite DON’T: Scott Disick accidentally copy-pasted instructions in his Instagram caption..Whoops!


Communicate deadlines

Make sure the influencers know about important deadlines for deliverables, draft submissions, and so on. This way, if there are any issues, they can be proactive in letting you know ahead of time or adjusting their plans to meet the deadlines as necessary. Whether you’re running a campaign with a few influencers or several hundred, a clear timeline helps everyone stay on top of things! 

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Address regulations & payment

Last but not least, lay out any rules or regulations the influencer needs to follow. How is the influencer paid? When are they paid? What documents do they need to provide? How can they submit pieces of content? Will the content have to be approved before posting? Where and how do they submit it? All these questions need to be answered before you can send off your influencer brief. For example, in Upfluence, influencers can submit content directly to get your feedback, and approval, and get paid all within the platform. 

Also, influencer marketing is under more and more scrutiny by the Federal Trade Commission. Not surprisingly, as it turns out only 11% of influencers are currently fully compliant with the FTC! Inform yourself and your potential influencers about the FTC’s guidelines for influencers to stay out of trouble!

How To Write A Killer Influencer Brief In 10 Steps

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