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7 influencer marketing strategy masterclasses

In our influencer marketing masterclass series, Upfluence’s team of experts break down the key elements to a perfect influencer marketing campaign and share their top tips for success. 

Watch a dedicated masterclass video on each of the following topics:

1. What is influencer marketing?2. Goals & strategy3. Smart influencer selection
4. Mastering Outreach5. Choosing campaign types6. Measuring success
7. Getting the most from your campaigns  
Upfluence invites you to discover their webinars  on influencer marketing best practices & trends

What you’ll learn in each masterclass

  • What is influencer marketing?

Learn why influencer marketing is an important lever for creating authentic connections with your customers that should be integrated within your broader marketing strategy.

  • Goals and strategy

Discover the key decisions to make up-front when creating an influencer strategy, as well as how to set measurable goals!

  • Smart influencer selection

Find out key techniques for identifying your brand’s most authentic influencers! Plus what to look out for when making your final influencer selection.

  • Mastering outreach

Get a step-by-step guide to writing the perfect outreach email, plus what to include in your influencer brief.

  • Choosing campaign types

See a break-down of the most common influencer campaigns and tips for choosing the best campaign to help you reach your goals.

  • Measuring success

Get the low down on how to calculate your campaign ROI and understand the importance of measuring earned media value.

  • Getting the most from your campaigns

Get even more value from your influencer campaigns with top tips for repurposing, whitelisting content, and leveraging paid advertising.

Take a deep dive into the content covered in this masterclass series with The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide

Want to learn more about influencer marketing?

Become an influencer marketing expert by following an in-depth training course to help you plan, manage and evaluate your next influencer marketing campaign. The course Influencer Marketing A to Z expands on the knowledge shared in this masterclass series, and includes an in-depth lesson on each of the 7 topics, plus key takeaways and a ton of extra resources!

Meet some the speakers!


Customer Success at Upfluence


Influencer Marketing at Upfluence


Content Manager at Upfluence

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