Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns: From Conception to Implementation


Optimizing your influencer marketing campaigns! 

We explore the key steps to successful influencer marketing campaigns with our panel of experts. They showcase the best ways to identify and analyze potential influencers, initiate conversations, negotiate partnerships, and monitor ROI, as well as take you through the tools that can streamline this process. Upfluence’s Jerôme Cossavella, VP, Influencer Services, and Joshua Weidling, Influencer and Social Media Marketing Manager at Tiege Hanley, dive into the pillars of successful planning.

Whether you are launching a new product or gearing up for your biggest seasonal campaign, this webinar will equip you with everything you need to consider for planning successful influencer marketing campaigns. The most important element to negotiate is mutual benefits. This means that both you as a brand and the influencer will walk away with an agreement that further nurtures your relationship, and feeds into a successful campaign. 

The best campaigns and strategies involve several key milestones, from successfully reaching out to influencers, and mastering negotiation that’s mutually beneficial for everyone.

What will you learn?

_Designing an influencer campaign to meet your goals
_Seamless campaign management from A to Z
_Building a growing influencer network for long-term partnerships
_Tools and practical tips to scale your campaign

Meet the speakers!

Paul Kahn Joshua Weidling, Influencer and social media marketing manager at Tiege Hanley Jerôme Cossavella, VP, Influencer Services at Upfluence
Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Joshua Weidling

Influencer and Social Media

Marketing Manager at Tiege Hanley

Jerôme Cossavella

VP, Influencer Services at Upfluence