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Brand Influence Ranking

Discover the top 50 most influential brands ranking, powered by Upfluence’s Brand Influence Reports. Get insights into the social performance of some of the biggest brands and uncover their influencer marketing strategy with data on their top-performing influencers and social content.

Upfluence experts have analyzed brands’ Instagram performance to bring you contextual insight into the successful influencer marketing strategies of the most influential brands.

What will I get out of it?

1. Top 50 Brands Influence Ranking

2. Insight into the top-performing brands on social media

Analysis of social media KPIs to identify the brands with the strongest performance for follower growth, number of posts and engagement evolution

3. Analysis of top-performing content formats 

Data on the types of posts and content format that generate the most engagements on Instagram.

4. Brand snapshot

Understand the influencer marketing strategies employed by well-known influential brands.



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