Data-driven Influencer Marketing: The Consumer Tech Industry

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Discover how to optimize your influencer marketing strategy in the consumer tech industry thanks to Upfluence’s industry analysis and recommendations.

Data analysis:

Consumer Tech Industry Data


Choosing social channels | Influencer selection
| Optimizing Influencer content


Consumer Tech industry insights

Upfluence’s latest industry report provides an in-depth analysis of influencer marketing trends in the tech industry. We analyzed 1,000 top tech influencers to better understand their presence on social media, their audience size and demographics, plus their average performance metrics.

To accompany Upfluence’s Consumer Tech Industry Report, we’ve published the ebook Data-driven influencer marketing strategies for the Consumer Tech Industryproviding further analysis of industry trends and tips to improve influencer campaigns in the tech industry.

Use industry insights to make better strategic decisions about your influencer marketing campaigns. Get actionable recommendations on choosing social media channels, influencer selection and campaign content to upgrade your influencer campaigns.

What you’ll learn about influencer marketing in the tech industry:

  • How to leverage YouTube for effective influencer and content marketing
  • How to utilize live video content on Twitch for more views
  • The benefits of micro-influencers & mega-influencers for tech brands
  • How to optimize unboxing and product review campaigns
  • Plus a ton of free resources & checklists!

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