Influencer Marketing Success for D2C Brands

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Influencer Marketing Success for D2C Brands

Learn how influencer partnerships can help your D2C brand to grow through authentic content creation to boost sales and engagement. Our 3-step guide is chock-full of expert strategies and practical tips to get started with influencer marketing. Plus, you’ll get free guides for influencer marketing optimization with Shopify and Klaviyo.

What will I get out of it?

1. Get started with influencer marketing

Find out why D2C brands should leverage pre-exisiting customer relationships to find their best influencers.

2. Data-driven influencer identification 

See how consumer data is key to identifying influencers and activating your most influential customers as brand advocates.

3. Custom outreach with Klaviyo

Learn how influencer data from Upfluence can fuel personalized outreach campaigns to engage influencer, brand ambassadors and affiliates for your brand.


We have solutions for you

Start scaling your influencer marketing campaigns with Upfluence Software right away. We also have influencer & content marketing specialists ready to take on your next campaign! 

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