The Essential Guide to Planning Your Influencer Marketing Budget

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Planning Your Influencer Marketing Budget

Understanding the costs associated with planning an influencer marketing campaign is no easy task! Factors such as the type and duration of the campaign and the influencer compensation model will affect your overall budget. With this in mind, we’ve put together an ebook explaining all the critical budgeting areas so you have the knowledge to start planning your influencer marketing budget.

We’ll explore these key areas:

  • Value proposition
  • Influencer compensation
  • Compliance fees
  • Labor fees
  • Influencer Marketing Technology
  • Media space

Influencer marketing is a highly important strategy for driving eCommerce and social commerce sales, with 62% of marketers will be increasing the influencer marketing budget this year. Influencer marketing has proven to be a worthwhile investment, but how much should you plan to spend? What are the hidden costs? And how much should you pay your influencers? The Essential Guide to Planning Your Influencer Marketing Budget will help you get the answers you need to confidently outline your budget and make wise spending decisions.

Key budgeting insight on:

Value proposition | Influencer payout models
| Leveraging influential customers

This ebook will help you choose the best influencer payout model for your campaign. Discover the benefits of a revenue-sharing model for maximizing ROI, and how to manage performance-based pricing.

You’ll get insight into how to create a cost-effective value proposition that will help you incentivize influencers in a budget-friendly way.

Learn about the hidden costs to keep in mind, such as compliance fees and labor fees when working with freelancers.

You’ll also get top tips on minimizing payout costs by leveraging influential customers as brand ambassadors and optimizing your team’s time and resources spent on influencer marketing by choosing an influencer marketing software.



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