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Look no further, everything you need to succeed in influencer marketing is right here in our ULTIMATE GUIDE. It’s an absolute must-read for influencer marketers looking to brush up on the latest best practices or deep dive into their biggest challenges with influencer marketing. 

The Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide gives you the knowledge and resources to optimize every stage of the influencer marketing process. You’ll learn the best way to approach setting your goals, choosing influencers, outreach, payment, campaign creation, measuring ROI and amplifying your campaigns. We offer an in-depth look at how to run the most successful influencer campaigns and offer tons of practical checklists and resources along the way. 

Let’s dive in: 

Chapter 1: What is influencer marketing? 

It might be obvious to some, but it’s worth restating why influencer marketing deserves a place in your marketing strategy. 

Chapter 2: Goals & strategy

What are you trying to achieve? How can you design a strategy to meet your goals? How do you plan a budget for your next influencer campaign? What’s a typical influencer campaign timeline? We explore these questions & more! 

Chapter 3: Influencer selection

A deep dive on understanding the different types of influencers and the advantages to working with them. Learn why recruiting influencers from your own brand community is key to maximizing authenticity. You’ll know which criteria to keep front-of-mind when beginning your influencer search. 

Chapter 4: Outreach 

A master-class in crafting compelling outreach messages, plus a useful list of outreach dos and don’ts. We give you the tools to be a top negotiator, create a campaign brief and get clear about influencer contracts. 

Chapter 5: Influencer campaign types 

Discover the different campaign models to help you choose the best campaign type to reach your goals, plus how to optimize campaign planning. From sponsored content, to product sampling, affiliation and seasonal campaigns – we’ve got it covered! 

Chapter 6: Measuring success

Get top tips on measuring influencer campaign performance and choosing the best KPIs for your campaign. Learn how to calculate ROI according to conversions and content performance. 

Chapter 7: Getting the most from your influencer campaign

Learn how to get even more value from top-quality influencer-generated content with paid media campaigns and whitelisted ads. Find out the best ways to repurpose influencer content to continue boosting your campaign impact for a higher ROI.


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