Whitelisting Influencer Content: A step-by-step guide for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & YouTube

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Your guide to whitelisting influencer content the easy way!

Upfluence and Plai have teamed up to create a practical step-by-step guide to influencer whitelisting on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube in just a few clicks!

Too often, whitelisting is an afterthought, when it should be a critical step for your influencer marketing campaigns. Leveraging influencer content for paid media campaigns is a key strategy that helps brands to boost ROI for their influencer marketing and digital ad campaigns. Promoting influencer content through an influencer’s social ads account (whitelisting) is beneficial for long-term influencer partnerships. The process helps both brands and influencers reach a wider online audience.

Try whitelisting on Instagram and Facebook, to get more value from high-quality content used in influencer campaigns by editing and optimizing it to drive conversions through paid channels.

If you’re a brand or an agency, share this guide with your influencer partners. It explains all the necessary steps that brands and influencers need to take to get set up as soon as possible!

If you’re a creator, check out the guide to learn more about the whitelisting process so you can quickly authorize access and open new partnership opportunities.

Plus, our bonus content section reveals how to save time with paid media campaigns by automating whitelisted ads on your favorite platforms.


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