13 influencers for the back-to-school season!

The end of the summer means the back-to-school season is just around the corner. It’s time to pack up the deckchairs and start sharpening those pencils for the return to work, school and college. The start of the new school year is also a great excuse to update your wardrobe and get your hands on the latest gadgets. People are looking for new clothes, shoes, stationery and electronics to start the year off right. 

For brands and agencies running campaigns working with back-to-school influencers is a great way to boost sales and connect with the right audience. Back-to-school shoppers are savvy consumers, typically parents but also college-age adults, with one thing in common, they’re looking for a good deal. Teaming up with influencers across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok will help you pinpoint your target audiences and tailor content to parents and Gen Zers alike. 

Back-to-school influencers on TikTok, YouTube & Instagram

We’ve selected our favorite back-to-school influencers for inspiration this back-to-school season. They’re helping families prepare for the school year and giving college students the low-down on what they need for a successful semester. 



The weiss life

  • Followers: 1.1M
  • Engagement rate: 5.98%

The Weiss Family share vlogs about their daily life raising 6 daughters on TikTok and YouTube. TheWeissLife is a great channel to partner with around back-to-school time as many parents are looking to them for advice, tips, and giveaways to help them survive shopping at this time. TikTok is usually associated with younger generations, but as Gen Zers age and become parents themselves hashtags such as #parentsoftiktok have grown in popularity. Their candid videos create a genuine connection between them and their audience. It’s no wonder they already have over 1 million followers on TikTok!


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♬ POOF BE GONE – KyleYouMadeThat


  • Followers: 625K
  • Engagement rate: 12.82%

@Psychologee is a TikTok influencer who’s found fame with the #studytok trend, sharing her top tips for studying, preparing for exams, and getting good grades. She uses her experience studying psychology at college in the UK to inform her TikTok content. This is a top channel to consider for partnerships as @psychologee ranks A+ within Upfluence software for engagement, views, and likes compared to similar influencers. 

As well as sharing practical studying tips, they also post about top discounts and deals, so if your brand is running a specific promotion for students consider reaching out to student influencers to drive interest. 


sofia bella

  • Followers: 2.8M
  • Engagement rate: 4.5%

Sofia Bella is a teacher in the US who shares how she’s getting ready to welcome back her class in September. Being a teacher gives her an extra layer of credibility making her a great asset for brands. Her recent posts include showing off her new desk set-up and her before and after classroom transformation. Her honest and relatable insights into what it’s like being a teacher and her clear passion for making her classroom just right is a hit with her audience. If there was ever an influencer to help you promote school stationery, she’s it! 



  • Followers: 69K 
  • Engagement rate: 10.45%

Chiara Schmidt is a content creator whose TikTok channel is dedicated to sharing top tips for surviving college life. She’s built up a sizable following of young people who look up to her for advice from everything from dealing with homesickness, which shoes to pack, and tips for your first day. She often posts videos highlighting specific products such as the best laptop to take to college or her top 5 dorm essentials, which is a perfect opportunity for a brand collaboration! 

With 69K followers, she’s in the ‘rising star’ category of influencers, who are rapidly gaining followers yet maintain strong engagement metrics. She has an impressive engagement rate of 10.45%, showing that creating content within a specific niche has effectively built a highly engaged audience. 



  • Followers: 185K
  • Engagement rate: 2.18%

Taylor is a college student who shares friendly advice and product recommendations for anyone embarking on their first year at college. Her back-to-school partnerships include posting a video about her back-to-college shopping spree at JCPenney, plus a checklist of essential items you need to pack!  




  • Followers: 927K
  • Engagement rate: 3.13%

The Nelsons are a supersized family of 18, sharing their family life with their 927K followers on YouTube in the form of vlogs. With 16 kids you bet the back-to-school season is a highly anticipated event in their household and they publish tons of dedicated BTS content around this time of year. Highlights include their mammoth back-to-school shopping trip & giveaway video, plus dedicated videos on choosing the best water bottle and shoe shopping! 

If you’re a brand trying to appeal to busy, slightly stressed-out parents then there’s no better channel to collaborate with! They’ve built up a huge online following of parents who find their content incredibly relatable, useful, and entertaining! 

@Annie Long

annie long

  • Followers: 379K
  • Engagement rate: 6.49%

Annie Long is a sophomore in college who has created a successful YouTube channel dedicated to sharing tips for productivity, acing your studies, and being your best self. She shares details about her daily life including her morning routine, fitness workouts, and her typical weekend. Her great variety of lifestyle content means she is well-suited to working with brands across different verticals from fashion and home décor to fitness. She keeps her audience engaged by tapping into celebrity trends (she tested out the morning routines of US presidents) and sharing relatable moments from her own life. For the back-to-school season, she posts outfit ideas, productivity tips, and packed lunch inspiration. 



  • Followers: 535K
  • Engagement rate: 7.35%

Daisy is a college student from Canada who creates YouTube content to help fellow students maximize productivity and do well in their studies. Her videos cover everything from how to take notes effectively, how to stop procrastinating, and her favorite back-to-school supplies. Upfluence data shows that 50% of her audience is aged between 21-24, making her a great choice for brands looking to reach college-aged adults.  

@Olivia Somersille

olivia somersille

  • Followers: 466K
  • Engagement rate: 6.71%

Olivia’s channel features lifestyle vlogs about her experiences as a teen, featuring her favorite shopping hauls, her first forays into cooking, and dyeing her hair pink! Her candid videos make for very engaging content. In fact, Upfluence ranks her A+ for engagement and likes compared to similar influencers. 74% of her audience is based in the US, and 85% is female. She would make a great creator partner for brands looking to reach teen girls in the US. 

@Gerry Brooks 

gerry brooks

  • Followers: 185K
  • Engagement rates: 3.94%

Gerry is a school principal and father who creates humorous videos and skits about life as an educator. His content highlights include video parodies of parent phone calls and top tips for staff bathroom etiquette. His funny takes on parenting and teaching seem to resonate particularly well with women as 74% of his YouTube audience is female.  




  • Followers: 214K
  • Engagement rate: 6.42%

Tiffany is a mom of 4 who shares entertaining snippets from her family’s life on Instagram. She combines short and funny Reels content with high-quality images from family vacations. She effectively combines organic feed content with brand sponsorships that resonate with her followers. In fact, her post-effectiveness for brand mentions is 87%, with many of her recent partnerships achieving over 100% effectiveness. If that’s not impressive performance statistics we don’t know what is! 

Her back-to-school content includes videos of how she’s getting her youngest kids ready to start school and collaborations to promote Academy as the number 1 destination to buy childrens’ sports clothing. 



  • Followers: 201K
  • Engagement rate: 10%

Brock and Boston are 17-year-old twins posting about their adventures, school life, and favorite brands on Instagram. They also have a sister account @brockandbostonshop where they post about their shopping hauls and promote affiliate campaigns they’re involved in. 

With a strong following and impressive engagement rate, they’re a great channel to partner with if your brand is targeting older teens who are starting to shop for themselves. Back-to-school influencer campaigns that target Gen Z audiences directly (instead of aiming for their parents) can be a great way to create brand awareness among your next generation of customers and boost sales at the same time. After all, it’s safe to assume that even if they’re still using mom and dad’s credit card, teenagers are making their own choices about their back-to-school purchases! 

Brock and Boston are currently teaming up with Amazon, which has created ‘Amazon Teen’, a  service where teens can shop securely using their parent’s payment cards using their own login. 


  • Followers: 13K
  • Engagement rate: 2.03%

Ashley is a Chicago-based mom who posts about her family life and how she educates her children as part of the ‘unschooling’ lifestyle. She’s an award-winning blogger whose recent collaborations include Walmart and Lenovo. Upfluence ranks Ashley as A+ for comments compared to similar influencers. 

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For more tips on succeeding with influencer marketing campaigns check out this checklist for back-to-school campaigns. 

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