Our 5 Favorite Christmas-themed Influencer Campaigns

It’s that time of year when brands in every industry sprinkle their influencer campaigns with a touch of holiday magic. Given that this holiday season comes during what can politely be described as a difficult year, we can take inspiration from influencer and brand collaborations that focus on giving back and enjoying time at home. We have chosen 5 brands across the toy, accessories, food, beauty, and crafting industries that have put a holiday twist on their influencer campaigns. Get the low-down on techniques and tools for your holiday season campaigns and a peek at a campaign that’s already winning us over this year. 

1. Lego – #BuildToGive 

It’s the season of giving, so naturally, we’ll start with a ‘giving back’ campaign from family-favorite toy brand, Lego. The idea behind their 2019 campaign was to get youngsters involved in creating Christmas decorations from Lego bricks and sharing photos online with the hashtag #BuildToGive, with the company donating a Lego set to a child in need for every post shared. 

This campaign was a success as donating toys to children at Christmas fits in very well with the spirit of the holiday and resonated with many families that would be gifting toys to their own children too. Lego collaborated with influencers who resonated with the parenting and family life demographic to share Lego decoration tutorials and photos of their own creations to encourage people to get involved. Parenting influencer Maddie Moate shared videos of fun activities to do with children on her Youtube channel with 145K subscribers. To bring the #BuildToGive campaign to life, she posted a video about how snowflakes are made. Using Lego bricks to make a snowflake tree decoration, she gave a tutorial as well as a mini science lesson. This creative and educational content gets top marks from us!  

2. Joann – #HandmadeHoliday

With the holiday season comes a renewed enthusiasm for cozy evenings spent making handmade gifts and decorations. Joann, a craft and fabric store, leveraged influencer partnerships to showcase how their craft supplies can help people make beautiful holiday-themed creations. They created a variety of content with influencers, mixing long-form blog tutorials, and strong Instagram visuals to promote their products. They worked with well-known lifestyle blog ‘A beautiful mess’ to create a ‘how-to’ for a punch-needle embroidery cushion using their craft supplies that was published on the influencer’s blog. This was a great way to reach the brand’s niche audience demographic; people interested in arts and crafts that have the necessary crafting skills to take on a technical project such as this punch-needle cushion. 

The brand also created holiday-themed content with actress Tiffani Thiessen, who has an on-going partnership with Joann. The actress regularly posts about her home and family life, so posting her homemade Christmas decorations made with Joann’s supplies fitted in well with her year-round content. Joann was able to successfully repurpose the high-quality visuals used for the campaign and repost them from the brand account. This helped them to curate their Instagram content with colorful images showing the potential of their products, by showcasing the finished crafts rather than the crafting equipment. Their great job with reusing campaign content earns Joann their place amongst our favorite campaigns.

3. Cluse – #MerryCLUSEmas

The luxury jewelry and watch brand, Cluse, worked with young, fashionable influencers in their Christmas campaign around the hashtag #MerryCLUSEmas – great work from the pun department on this one! For their campaign, they partnered with several influencers in the fashion, fitness, and lifestyle niche to showcase their watches in a Christmas setting. By creating a branded hashtag combined with the traditional seasonal greeting, they have positioned their brand as being central to celebrations. The images created and shared using the #MerryCLUSEmas hashtag helped align Cluse jewelry and watches with gift-giving sentiment and the beautifully decorated gold and silver Christmas trees complemented the gold and silver watches creating an enviably aesthetically pleasing and very well put together Christmas! 

The brand amplified their holiday gift-giving messages with photos of the watches in neat boxes under the Christmas tree. They leveraged the holiday season as a time when people look for luxury gifts to make their loved ones feel special and it’s typically a time when big-ticket items such as jewelry and watches are bought as gifts.

4. BJ’s Wholesale 

As a wholesaler, this brand has a whole host of products to promote to their target customer base. For their holiday campaign, they were strategic in deciding which product lines they wanted to push around the holidays and focused their campaign around alcohol, toys, and frozen food.  They knew that during the holiday’s people are looking for festive food and drink that aren’t typically part of their normal shopping habits. They partnered with foodie and parenting niche influencers in order to reach parents that would be looking for quick and easy festive meals in the run-up to Christmas Day, and also likely to treat themselves to eggnog or mulled wine. 

Influencer content created for BJ’s holiday campaign focused on saving parents’ time and reducing stress, which are big pain points for parents around this busy time of year. They have positioned their products as bringing maximum festivity with minimal fuss which successfully engaged their target audience. 

What makes this influencer campaign a success, are the long-term influencer partnerships that BJ’s established with their influencer cohort. Their seasonal influencer campaigns included multiple posts over the holiday period and leveraged key dates in the run-up to Christmas, such as Thanksgiving. By working with several influencers and having them do a series of posts over an extended time-frame makes a stronger impact, which is why we’ve chosen this campaign as a top example of best practices for the holiday season! 

5. The Body Shop Advent calendar giveaway 2020

This year, we already have an insight into how brands will be adapting to the current health situation affecting holiday celebrations for many of us. The Body Shop is focusing on pampering and ethical cosmetics by working with influencers to promote their advent calendars in time for the beginning of December. The brand has understood that people are looking for small pleasures they can enjoy at home, and want to celebrate the holidays with as much normality as possible. This includes the ever-popular advent calendar, promising a joyful surprise for each day leading up to Christmas Day. 

The Body Shop has partnered with two beauty influencers to conduct giveaway competitions for the chance to win an advent calendar. By launching their advent calendar as early as September, The Body Shop has understood that changing consumer behaviors during the pandemic, mean that people are looking to start their holiday shopping earlier and are ready to embrace the joyfulness of the holiday season. We rate this campaign highly as the brand is using its advent calendar campaign to not only drive awareness and sales for this unique holiday product but are raising brand awareness and promoting their best-selling items by including mini versions in the advent calendar. We’re sure this holiday season campaign strategy will pay off thanks to building up brand awareness in advance of the peak holiday shopping season. 

Inspired by these campaigns? 

If you want to make a splash with your holiday influencer campaigns, like our favorite examples above, you’ll want to optimize each stage of your influencer marketing campaign to ensure it delivers. As we approach December, your competitors will be rolling out their influencer campaigns. With Upfluence Brand Influence Reports, you’ll get insights into their social performance with data on their follower growth, engagement evolution, plus a sample of their top-performing posts. Use these direct insights to understand the most successful campaign techniques used by influential brands to better navigate the holiday season. 

Leveraging pre-existing customer relationships to recruit influencers for your holiday campaigns will ensure maximum authenticity by using your customers’ real-life experiences to create genuine and relatable product recommendations. Optimize the early stage of your influencer campaigns by using Upfluence Live Capture, and our latest integration with Klaviyo to identify and nurture relationships with influential customers. Make the most of key shopping dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday by using our Shopify integration to generate promo codes and drive sales through influencer marketing. Whatever the scope of your holiday influencer campaign, make the most of automation, smart integrations, and social listening tools for a campaign that delivers on its promises. 

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