Score an A+ Influencer Marketing Strategy this Back-to-School Season

There really is nothing like back to school season: The summer is ending, schools are opening up their doors to welcome new students, and families are getting ready for a new year full of excitement. Not only a big deal for families with kids – Back-to-School (BTS) is also a crucial time for brands to be on top of their marketing game, as it is the second-largest shopping event year-round. Reaching $80.7 Billion in spendings last year, BTS shopping is just shy of the Winter Holiday season in terms of spend.

While most schools don’t start until September, many families already begin preparing as early as July. For this reason, brands need to prepare an A+ marketing strategy as early as they can. In an incredibly competitive market, many brands look to influencers to help their voice stand out from the crowd. Study up on this article, and you will learn how to run a successful influencer marketing campaign this BTS season!

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Consider the right platform

Back-to-School is arguably one of the most involved shopping events, where moms, dads, and children all have a say in which products to buy. In fact, Gen Z is making more purchasing decisions, instead of leaving it all to mom and dad. With teens and preteens willing to spend their own money, brands and agencies can’t afford to skip on social media platforms like TikTok or Instagram. On top of being highly popular with Gen Z, these platforms also offer endless possibilities for collaboration with young influencers who are also going back to school themselves.

However, moms and dads might be looking elsewhere for product recommendations. An AdWeek report shows that two-thirds of moms make informed decisions before buying, by searching the Internet for product ideas, comparing products, deciding where to buy, and looking for recommendations. For this reason, long-form content on a blog or YouTube video can go a long way when convincing parents with their next purchase.

Influencers to communicate the right values

Unlike many other products, BTS shopping is more strategic than impromptu. For that reason, working with the right influencers to communicate the right values is vital in any campaign. A study from Deloitte shares that the most fundamental deciding factors to a BTS purchase are price, product, and convenience. 

Knowing this, your influencers must be able to include at least one of these values: Competitive pricing, discount codes, wide variety, quality products, or how easy/fast the buying process is. For this reason, video-format content can provide a lot of vital information, while maintaining a creative and entertaining approach. 

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Plan the perfect timing for your campaign

The majority of customers purchase during sales events, as well as prioritizing online deals and discounts. As much as 49% of consumers say they would wait until the best sales before making BTS purchases. This means that influencers can also be the perfect messenger, keeping their followers updated with big sales events.

Timing also plays an important part in which type of products are popular with consumers. Overall, most consumers plan their shopping around late July – early August. However, products such as backpacks, desks, and laptops are consistently popular throughout the three summer months. With that said, August receives far more purchases in fashion items and accessories like shoes and clothes.

Books, on the other hand, are bought much earlier at the beginning of July. Big-ticket items such as laptops and other electronics see a spike on Prime Day sales, after a relatively steady flow prior to. Knowing this, your influencer campaign needs to correlate with what customers are looking to purchase, as well as avoiding clashes with big days like Prime sales.

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Celebrate youth and experiences

Besides essentials like books, electronics, or clothes, items like college-branded gear or personal care products are also popular amongst students. BTS season is not only about going back to school and attending classes, but it’s also about making new friends and gaining new exciting experiences. That means students want to feel confident and prepared with their personal and social lives.

For that reason, back-to-school DIYs, storytime, get-ready-with-me are also popular content on social media. By working with influencers, you get to directly be involved in an exciting time in students’ lives. By tying your brand into the back-to-school narrative, you’re becoming a part of someone’s journey to adulthood. This is massively important not only for brand awareness but also for customer loyalty.

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