Upfluence Announces New End-To-End Affiliate Marketing Capabilities to Become the Leading All-In-One Platform Powering Sales Through Creators

Upfluence’s new suite of affiliate marketing features makes it possible for brands and agencies to run end-to-end affiliate campaigns on the platform for the first time. With no need for additional tools or integrations, brands can now drive revenue from influencer and affiliate partnerships on one platform. 

New York, New York – June 14th, 2022 Upfluence announced today the release of its new affiliate marketing features that allow brands to manage the entire affiliate marketing process from within one platform. Notable capabilities include:

  • Identifying a brand’s best-performing affiliates from Upfluence’s database or their own customer base. 
  • Assigning a fixed monetary amount or a percentage value per sale as commission that is calculated automatically for each influencer and affiliate.
  • Built-in sales tracking and attribution, that calculates and manages affiliate payouts at scale, with full status visibility via a custom-built dashboard.
  • Plus, Upfluence now accommodates multiple revenue-sharing compensation models, offering unparalleled potential for brands to generate sales through customized partnerships.

“Affiliate marketing has arrived at Upfluence completing our transition to a Social Commerce platform,” said Kevin Creusy, Co-CEO at Upfluence. “Social-driven commerce is the future of selling online, and thanks to our new affiliate marketing features, Upfluence is the best choice on the market for brands who want to leverage creators, affiliates and influential customers to drive growth.”

The new features dedicated to automating affiliate commission payouts, alongside Upfluence’s affiliate identification, product shipping and campaign management tools mean the software has expanded its offering beyond influencer marketing to become the leading platform helping brands drive sales through creators. 

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Upfluence is an influencer and affiliate marketing platform that allows brands and agencies to reveal their most influential customers, and run & track powerful campaigns that generate sales. Since 2016, Upfluence has shown stable double-digit monthly revenue growth. The team of more than 100 people has served over 1,600 clients worldwide including Pernod Ricard, Asics, Universal Pictures and more. Visit https://www.upfluence.com/ to learn more.

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