Driving ROI using Influencer Content Amplification


Why Product + Influencer + Amplification = Influencer Marketing 2.0!

Influencer amplification is a level-up when it comes to improving and getting more value from your marketing strategies. Influencer marketing has proven to be one of the most efficient marketing strategies of our time. Unfortunately, most brands don’t use the material they pay for to its full potential.
In this webinar, we explore how repurposing influencer-generated content into paid advertising for brand awareness campaigns, social proof, testimonials, or lead generation will extend the benefit of IGC and make your influencer campaign – turned – content marketing campaign deliver for months to come.

You can read more benefits of influencer amplification and how to reuse their content, in this guide – from saving time and resources on content creation, creating better performing ads, strengthening your brand message through repetition, increasing your reach without creating content fatigue, and not forgetting the benefits to the influencers themselves!  When you combine influencer content with the ability to control who sees it and where, through ads and targeting set up directly through the influencer’s social accounts, the value of amplifying influencer content is realized. This handy guide also breaks down the benefits of whitelisting and how brands can reuse IGC (influencer-generated content) as paid advertising on their own social media platforms or run paid campaigns via their influencer’s social accounts. This strategy allows brands to target lookalike audiences that match their target customer demographic.

What will you learn?

_Why Product + Influencer + Amplification = Influencer Marketing 2.0!
_The role of amplification in boosting ROI
_How to repurpose IGC within your paid strategy
_Why creating familiarity is key for your audience and the tools and best practices you can implement today!

Meet the speakers!

Paul Kahn Logan Welbaum, Found at Plai.io Adam Shapiro Head of Product Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence
Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Logan Welbaum

Founder at Plai.io

Adam Shapiro

Head of Product Marketing &

Strategic Partnerships at Upfluence

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