Leveraging Gaming Influencers to Maximize Reach and Visibility

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Are gamers the secret to increased reach and engagement for your brand?

Gaming influencers: a whole new world! In this webinar, we explore how eSport & eGaming audiences can be beneficial to brands of any type. As influencers working within these industries benefit from increased reach and engagement, they are a source of value for many brands. We’ll explore the behaviors and expectations of the eSport & eGaming audiences, what strategies brands should follow to boost their campaigns, and share best practices from industry leaders Kinguin!

It isn’t surprising to see an increase in video game players. According to a study by Verizon, there was a 75% increase in video game activities, which is a hopeful statistic for many industries: Gaming developers, E-sports products, streaming platforms, and virtually any brand that chooses to work with gaming influencers. Given that platforms like Twitch are more than just streaming platforms, and instead are valued as hosts for communities that are loyal, devoted, and supportive, it’s a great place for brands to start positioning themselves. With the popularity of gaming at an all-time high, the opportunity to reach new audiences and leverage the crossover between video gaming and one of the broadest audience demographics in the world, where 82% of its users say sponsorships are good for the gaming industry, it really should not be dismissed!  

Whether you’re interested in the top Twitch streamers, or if you’re wondering which food and drink brands are conquering the gaming world, we’ve got you covered!

What will you learn?

_Why the pandemic brought gaming to the forefront
_Where to find them
_Why work with these influencers
_And the best practices for influencer partnerships.

Meet the speakers!

Paul KahnJoshua Cabrera, Head of Strategic Partnerships & Affiliates at KinguinNatanyel Kazoula, Esports Manager at Upfluence
Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Joshua Cabrera

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Affiliates at Kinguin

Natanyel Kazoula

Esports Manager at Upfluence

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