Working With Influencers During the Holiday Season: Campaign Best Practices & Tips For Success

Holiday Influencer marketing – a perfect pairing!

The holiday season is typically a lucrative period for most brands, and they go all-out preparing marketing plans in order to make the best of the Christmas season.  As a powerful and proven tactic for brands, it’s time for influencer marketing to take a permanent seat at the Digital Strategy table. We have broken down 6 key areas that we anticipate will shape the influencer marketing space, and offer actionable recommendations brands can use to navigate this expanding market to meet their goals and evolve their strategies throughout 2021 and beyond. 

Shopping during the holiday season can be insanely stressful. This is why we often look to people we know for recommendations, or online gift guides, and inspiration for those who are so hard to buy for. With that in mind, as a brand, you can utilize collaborations with influencers in order to bring this value to consumers. After all, an authentic influencer can act as a trusted friend, a knowledgeable shopping guru, or simply an advocate for an easy gifting solution for every holiday season. Take a look at how influencers can help brands reach far and wide during the most profitable shopping periods of the year.  

What will you learn?

_How the industry will continue to grow
_How the multiplication of influencer types has impacted the industry
_Why authenticity should be at the core of your process
_Why long-term partnerships will give you better sales results
_How AI & data will play a major role in influencer marketing
_Why video is THE content format of the future

Meet the speakers!

Paul Kahn, SVP Sales at Upfluence Kate Oakley, Account executive and social media marketing manager at Social Styles Marketing Celena Danahy, Solutions Architect at Upfluence
Paul Kahn

SVP Sales at Upfluence

Kate Oakley

Account Executive and Social Media

Marketing Expert at Social Styles Marketing 

Celena Danahy

Solutions Architect at Upfluence

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