5 Ways to Boost Marketing with Powerful Consumer Data

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Taking a deep dive into data from your brand community will uncover insights to help transform your marketing. Knowing more about your audience will help you target them more efficiently and get the most from your influencer marketing campaigns to improve ROI.  Powerful consumer data from your network of customers, subscribers, and followers will show you how to better engage them as long-term advocates for your brand. When approaching your data-driven marketing strategy, there are 5 key areas to look at, from your CRM database to your social media followers, your network is bigger than you think, and bursting with new insights! 

1. Check out your CRM for audience demographic data

Having a closer look at the users in your CRM will reveal demographic data about your customers’ gender, location, age and interests that will help you to build an accurate picture of your real client audience to compare with imagined customer personas. These insights will help you to create segments within your CRM for specific, targeted communication. These data points are particularly useful for creating personalized marketing such as offering tailored product promotions, news about a new-curbside pickup location in the local area and much more! Brands will be able to greatly increase conversions by sharing relevant content to their segmented audiences. Understanding the makeup of your actual client base might reveal surprising audience niches or help you identify new audiences to attract. 

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2. Engage influential email contacts 

Your brand’s network is more than just your customers, it includes anyone who’s signed up for a newsletter, made a client account, entered one of your competitions, or even your partners and suppliers! Your email lists have a huge potential for marketing campaigns. If they’re not already regular customers but know about your brand, these contacts are perfect for a reactivation campaign!  Brands can take this further with the added layer of influencer data to give new insights into your email lists. With Upfluence’s Klaviyo integration, you’ll be able to enrich your email contact lists with data on users’ social reach to easily identify your most influential contacts. Brands can use these data insights to create cohorts of influencers within their CRM to activate in campaigns. Analyzing each influencer’s data on follower count and engagement rate will help you decide how to engage them to promote your brand.  Email outreach can then be tailored to different influencer segments, engaging them in different ways such as product sampling, product giveaways, promo codes, or affiliate campaigns. The nano, micro, and even mid-tier influencers in your email database are an incredible brand asset not to be overlooked!

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3. Capture influencer data from web traffic

Information about your website visitors can tell you many things. Learn not only how many people are being driven to your website, but also what device they’re using, which location they’re in, and how long they spent on each page. These numbers can help you strengthen parts of your website to meet users’ needs, such as adapting it to mobile or offering content in another language, etc. It’s also worth analyzing data on the social reach of your web visitors. Let’s say there are 100 people visiting your website every day, statistically speaking a portion of your visitors will have a valuable social reach that can be leveraged for your brand. Capturing data from customers with a big social reach and high engagement rate who are visiting your website will help you identify your brand’s best ambassadors. Your influential customers already know and love your products, and with their strong social presence can promote your brand to new audiences. To start collecting and analyzing social reach data from your website visitors, a tool like Upfluence Live Capture can help. Visitors are invited to share their social handles via a pop-up form, then Upfluence identifies your influential visitors for you!

4. Leverage customer purchase data to drive sales for your eCommerce store

It’s no secret that data about your customers’ purchasing habits are a must-have for any marketing strategy. But have you considered how it could kick-start your next influencer marketing campaign? Combining your customers’ social reach data and purchase history data will help you identify brand advocates already in your network. Understanding how influential customers are interacting with your brand, which products they’re buying, and how much they are typically spending is the key to knowing how to activate them for your brand. You’ll be able to make a value proposition based on their purchasing habits, such as offering free product sampling or discounts as compensation for sharing content about your brand. If you’ve got a Shopify store, you can easily identify your influential customers with Upfluence’s Shopify integration. The tool offers a hands-off approach to influencer identification, based on purchase and influencer data. What’s more, affiliate campaigns are just a click away thanks to native Shopify promo codes generated for each influencer in your Upfluence dashboard.

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5. Uncover influencers within your social media audience

Brands with a sizable social media following might be surprised to learn that influencers have subscribed to their channel. If your target market includes digitally savvy social media users, it’s likely there’ll be some influential individuals following you on social media. This is a good place to look for influencers to partner with. It makes sense to find social media influencers by analyzing your own social followers first instead of doing a time-consuming manual influencer search. By starting with your own followers, they’ll already be familiar with your brand and the type of content you share on social media, making the initial outreach more effective. Save time and resources conducting your influencer search with Upfluence’s influencer matching service that will analyze your followers and match them with influencer profiles in our database. Organic influencers, who are already part of your online brand community are a natural fit to become brand advocates. Leverage their social influence to increase your brand’s online presence and create more brand awareness that will pay off in the long-term. 

Brand consumer data is a gold mine for marketing campaigns. Data-driven strategies make campaigns more directed and effective in reaching their goals. Take your strategy one step further now that you know where to find useful insights and how to put them into action for your campaigns.  

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