How to reach out to influencers

Reach out to influencers

Once you’ve identified the influencers you’d like to work with, the next step to securing a partnership is knowing how to reach out to influencers. The way you approach influencers is crucial to the success of your campaign. You need to become an expert at crafting the perfect message while managing outreach at scale and […]

French law on influencer marketing could revolutionize influencer-brand interactions globally.

French law influencers

The new legislation, implemented on June 1st, cracks down on unethical practices in the industry, particularly undisclosed partnerships, fraudulent collaborations, and risky product promotion. Aimed at protecting citizens, especially minors who form a significant portion of influencer followers, the law combines existing and new regulations. Key provisions of the law include: Clearer definitions: The law […]

Leverage your Food Creator Collabs with Upfluence


Your brand can benefit from influencer marketing focusing on food content creators. And you don’t necessarily have to be connected with food supplies and production. How? Let’s look at this step-by-step guide and inspiring use cases! Step 1 – Create a list of highly relevant influencers Shortlist the most relevant creators using the Creator Search […]

Top 20 food influencers

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Food content is exploding on the internet. Whether you’re interested in healthy eating, feeding a family on a budget, cooking vegan dishes or baking there are food influencers out there for you. Social media is driving food trends such as Cloud Bread, Butter Boards and Baked Feta Pasta, as well as offering tips and recipes. […]

Brand ambassador email template for collaboration

brand ambassador 2

Working with brand ambassadors is a top strategy for activating fans in your network and turning them into influencers for your brand. People trust other people more than ads, so working with brand ambassadors will help your brand connect with new audiences and drive growth.  Whether you want to collaborate with an A-list celebrity or […]

Influencer brief template: 6 steps to success!

influencer brief template

In influencer marketing, there is nothing worse than a confusing campaign with no clear guidelines and directions. We’ve seen it too many times: brands don’t communicate what they’re looking for, influencers are lost because they don’t know what’s expected, campaigns are delayed because everyone is confused, sifting through threads and threads of emails. That’s why […]

Influencer contract template & practical tips!

contract template

Putting together an influencer contract doesn’t need to be scary! Influencer contracts have become an essential best practice for successful influencer campaigns, so it’s important that you understand why you need one, and more importantly, how to write one. Influencers will expect to have some kind of written agreement or contract that outlines the expectations […]

Top influencer marketing tips for 2023

influencer marketing tips

A new year brings a new set of challenges for marketers to overcome. With economic uncertainty making the headlines, tighter marketing budgets are sure to follow. This means that you need to make every dollar count! You can start by choosing strategies such as influencer marketing that offer the highest ROI. Whether you’re new to […]

The February Edition: Influencer Marketing News and Trends

influencer marketing roundup

This month has seen a flurry of marketing activity for many of you. From Valentine’s Day campaigns, to Black History month and the Super Bowl, there have been plenty of opportunities to harness your creator partnerships to boost your brand. As winter draws to a close, people are thinking ahead to vacations. With this in […]