Back-to-school influencer campaign checklist [Free resource]

Planning an influencer campaign to boost sales this back-to-school season? Use our checklist to plan the perfect back-to-school influencer campaign. We show you how to optimize each stage of your campaign from pre-campaign planning to amplification and measuring ROI.

Back-to-school influencer campaigns can help your brand reach strategic audiences such as parents, Gen Z students, and teachers. This checklist will help you answer important questions about which target audiences to choose, which social platforms to use, plus how to create your brief.

Once the initial elements of your campaign are ironed out: audience, budget and platform you can check out this blog for inspiration to help you choose the perfect back-to-school influencers! Upfluence software lets you search using 20+ advanced filters to find influencers based on age, location, performance and niche.

After making your influencer selection you need to choose your type of campaign activation. For back-to-school campaigns we recommend a back-to-school shopping haul giveaway or a promo code campaign to promote sales of your new product range.

Video content is the most engaging format on social media! Leverage it to your advantage with back-to-school creator videos that offer shopping tips. Remember to strike the balance between entertaining and useful content. Back-to-school is often a stressful time for parents and kids so focus on making relatable and fun content that highlights the most useful products and deals at this time of year!

Get started by downloading the back-to-school influencer campaign checklist 

back-to-school influencer campaign checklist

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