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Planning an influencer campaign to boost sales this back-to-school season? Use our checklist to plan the perfect back-to-school influencer campaign. We show you how to optimize each stage of your campaign from pre-campaign planning to amplification and measuring ROI.

How to use this back-to-school influencer campaign checklist

Back-to-school influencer campaigns can help your brand reach strategic audiences such as parents, Gen Z students, and teachers. This checklist will help you stay focused on what’s important while running a back-to-school influencer marketing campaign.

During the planning stage, use this checklist to make the right decisions about your target audience, your influencer criteria, and which social media networks you’ll use. To get additional guidance, check out this recent blog on creating a successful back-to-school influencer marketing strategy. 

Once your campaign is launched, your efforts should turn towards montoring results and making any necessary adjustments. This checklist will remind you to track important KPIs such as the number of sales generated so far. Upfluence’s software helps you track influencer performance as well as sales and affiliate commissions all in one place!

Finally, once the campaign is over it’s time to compensate your influencers, and plan your next seasonal activation. With the holidays round the corner you can find inspiration for your next influencer campaign in our 2022 eCommerce marketing calendar.

Keep this checklist handy, so you don’t forget any important milestones during your back-to-school influencer campaigns. Use these steps to inform your campaign processes and get inspired by our top tips to get creative with your influencer marketing campaigns!

Back-to-school influencer checklist

Pre-campaign preparation milestones:

  1. Choose your target audience: Do you want to reach parents, teenagers, or college students?
  2. Select influencers & platforms: This should be based on how best to reach your target audience.  Momfluencers on YouTube? College students on TikTok? You decide!
  3. Create your brief: Choose your campaign type, compensation, content formats, and messaging.


Giveaways & Promo code campaigns are great for generating excitement at this time of year!

Video content generates high engagement. Try BTS shopping tips & day-in-the-life videos!

The right partnership will always be authentic and showcase content that’s useful & entertaining.

During the campaign

  • Promote and amplify the campaign on brand social media channels
  • Track sales – Use affiliate links and unique promo codes to track the number of sales generated by each influencer easily.

Post Campaign

  • Make payments to your influencers and share feedback. Consider which relationships to nurture for future campaigns.
  • Repurpose video clips, quotes, and still images from your campaign for brand social media content.

Get started by downloading the back-to-school influencer campaign checklist 

back-to-school influencer campaign checklist

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