The Ultimate Christmas Influencer Campaign in 6 Steps

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If you’ve seen the value of influencer marketing campaigns in driving sales throughout the year, then Christmas is the perfect occasion to ramp up your campaigns and boost your end-of-year revenue. If your current approach to influencer campaigns involves manual influencer search, excel spreadsheets, or switching between various tools to measure your impact, now’s the time to change it up and start saving your team time and resources with our tips for the ultimate Christmas influencer campaign. The holiday season is a busy time for marketing teams everywhere so it’s smart to start leveraging influencer marketing platforms such as Upfluence that offer end-to-end campaign management and automation of key tasks so your team can focus their efforts elsewhere.

We’ve set out the key steps for a sales-generating Christmas influencer campaign in our 6-step infographic ‘Successful holiday marketing with influencers’. There are many similarities with classic influencer campaigns, yet brands and agencies can follow best practices such as using key events like Black Friday to launch activations and using limited-time offers, affiliate links, and content-oriented around gift-giving to see the best results.

Set campaign goals & budget

The holiday season is a prime opportunity to drive sales as consumers typically shop for gifts, decorations, food, tech, and toys around this time of year so this will be a key campaign goal for many brands. Despite disruptions to retail supply chains and pandemic-related closures, brands can still hope to see a boost in sales, and the holiday shopping season has started even earlier this year as people are keener than ever to spot bargains and shop online to avoid crowds. 

When deciding on your influencer marketing budget this holiday season, it’s important to consider the cost of giving away products for influencers to test and promote, the cost of producing content e.g staging a photo-shoot, and last but not least, how you will compensate your influencers.

Plan ahead for key shopping events 

When planning your influencer campaign, be sure to make the most of the key moments in the build-up to the day itself and plan for your influencers to post around the time when people have holiday shopping at the forefront of their minds. As mentioned earlier, consumer trends show that holiday shopping is starting earlier and earlier. With this in mind influencer campaigns should be priming audiences to think about gift-giving from October, with key activations planned for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Cyber weekend is a good opportunity to run limited-time deals and promote your holiday lines with creative influencer campaigns. The key to generating end-of-year sales is by creating online brand awareness beforehand! 

Identify and import influencers into your Upfluence campaign

Once you’ve set up the parameters of your campaign in your influencer platform, it’s time to import your creators. One good strategy is to invite your top-performing influencers from your current roster to participate in your seasonal Christmas campaign. Otherwise, you can use Upfluence’s influencer search tool or identify micro-influencers from within your own customer base using our influencer matching service to find authentic creators for your brand. One thing to bear in mind is that influencers will be highly solicited for campaigns during the holiday season, so be sure to begin identification and outreach as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Work on Christmas influencer campaign creatives 

There are many content formats that work well for the holiday season.  It can be a stressful time of year, so aim to address people’s needs to find the perfect gifts with content such as gift guides tailored to specific themes such as gift guides for coffee lovers or gift guides for kids under 10. Think about the pain points or expectations that your customers may have around the holidays and use that to drive your campaign angle. You want to make holiday shopping a pleasurable experience so tap into the festive, family-oriented, generous spirit of the holiday season! Don’t forget people are also looking to stay within their budgets so create content around different holiday offers, such as having a discounted rate when people buy several items, a win-win all around. 

Boost sales with Upfluence’s native eCommerce integrations

Your influencer campaign content can further drive sales during the holiday season with help from the Upfluence + Shopify or Upfluence + WooCommerce integrations.  The tool allows brands to generate promotional codes and affiliate links to help their influencers promote product sales in their posts. This technique will make sure the influencers’ audience has a clear call to action and incentive to shop with your brand. Moreover, this also helps brands to directly measure the sales generated by each influencer and track how the campaign is meeting its objectives

If you’ve got a new holiday line or gift bundle you want to promote specifically during the holidays why not try an unboxing campaign? With Upfluence influencers can order products from a pre-determined list linked to your eCommerce store in one click! Product gifting is made easy with automatic fulfillment and tracking so you can say goodbye to your spreadsheets. There’s no better way to showcase your products than by putting them in influencers’ hands and letting them work their content magic in the form of an unboxing video, product video or how-to guide!

End-to-end campaign tracking 

Once your campaign is up and running you’ll be able to manage and monitor performance at each stage. As well as managing campaign elements like briefs, content drafts, the publishing schedule, and influencer payments, you’ll also be able to see how each influencer is performing in real-time. This allows maximum flexibility in adjusting the campaign to get the best results, as well as easily calculating the ROI and number of sales generated at the end. 

View the full infographic 

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