This Holiday Season: How to Stay on Top of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign?

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There is no surprise that the holiday season is the busiest time of the year – which means people are spending significantly more money on products and services: Gifting, celebrating, and even vacationing. For this reason, smart brands know to promote the right products/services using the right marketing tools – one of which is influencer marketing. How do you make sure your influencer marketing campaign this season has that extra touch of magic for it to take off?


Why Influencer Marketing is Important for Your Holiday Season?

A recent report has shown that 93% of shoppers turned to technology in the 2018 Holiday Season. As brands and marketers, it’s easy to be excited about this number. But when you take a step back and think about your own purchasing habits as a consumer, you will realize that shopping during the holiday season is insanely stressful. This is why most often time, we look to people we know for recommendations, or online gift-guides, or even products that we see frequently. 

With that in mind, as a brand, you can utilize their collaboration with influencers in order to bring these values to consumers: A trusted friend, a knowledgeable shopping guru, or simply an advocate for an easy gifting solution this holiday season.


Top Tips and Practices for Influencer Marketing During Holiday Season

Influencer marketing during the holidays should, for the most part, have the same practices as influencer marketing any time of the year. However, there will be an extra layer or added stress as well as potentials for brands during the holiday season.


Select the Perfect Influencer

We always emphasize the importance of finding the perfect influencer as the first step to a successful campaign. During the holiday season, brands need to focus on this part even more, simply because we want to nail down that trust element mentioned before. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you search and select your list of influencers:

  • Influencers in the same industry with you will be able to promote your products more authentically and naturally. However, during the gifting season, you can be more creative and broaden the types of influencers you want to work with. (E.g., a female influencer could still promote male fragrance, framing it as a gift to her male partner, brother, or dad.) It’s important to make sure your influencer of interest would have some relevance to your product – Do they have a family member, friend, or community they could relate this product to as a gift? Is it a meaningful gift, in that case?
  • Look for influencers who could have a personal story that’s related to the nature of your product. Since the holiday season is all about family, love, and bonding, brands are golden if they can tie their products to these values. (E.g., a mommy blogger can talk about how she cherishes time with her family during the holiday, and your product helps her cut down on the usual holiday busyness.)
  • Find an influencer that fits the size of your budget. It is tempting to spend all your money on a celebrity, or a macro influencer. However, medium or even micro-influencers can actually bring more value to your investment – since they have a closer relationship with their communities.

Example of collaboration Mensfashionpost & ArmaniBeauty


Plan Ahead of Time

Naturally, influencer marketing takes a lot of time to kickstart. If you’ve worked with influencers before, you’d know that it could take months before a campaign officially begins. This is especially true during the holiday season, when everyone is busy and every brand is reaching out to influencers in hope of a collaboration.

For that reason, start as soon as possible, so that you have plenty of time to reach out to influencers before they’re all booked up. This also prevents the risks of plan changes (which are inevitable) from either yours or the influencers’ side.

You can also read more about the what’s, how’s, and when’s in planning your Holiday influencer marketing campaigns here!


Long-term Influencer Collaboration is More Beneficial

At Upfluence, we always believe that long-term relationship is more beneficial down the line. For the holiday season, we also suggest having a more elaborated campaign rather than a simple one-and-done post from influencers. The simple reason is that a frequent appearance of your brand is perceived as more authentic and memorable, while a singular post that could get lost in a sea of sponsored posts. 


Choose the Right Product and Services to Promote

People are easily frazzled when presented with too many choices – which is one of the reasons why the holiday season is stressful. Consumers are bombarded by brands, products, and choices, when all they want is a simple solution to their shopping problem. For that reason, you need your product to come across as a simplified solution.

A simple product that works as a universal gift, or a gift bundle, or a gift card, are all great choices. The most important part is you could get influencers to communicate this value to their followers. You can have the influencer mention how easy it is to order this product from your website, or how fast shipping was, or even how convenient it is to choose a gift-wrapping option.


Example of collaboration Ingrid Nilsen & Amazon


Choose a Theme Appropriate to Your Product and the Influencers’ Personality

The holiday season is a great time to be creative. Brands all over the world go as far as changing their logo for the season, host events, and even shows in order to promote their products. With influencer marketing, your brand has the ability to come up with a theme that’s appropriate to your brand, as well as the influencers’ personality – at a much lower cost.

  • A theme that’s personal, emotional, and focuses on relationships, family, partnerships, etc. is a low-hanging fruit that is guaranteed to work well, simply because this is the season for it. This theme can be applied to a wide variety of brands, such as home goods, automotive, or even fashion and beauty.
  • The holiday season is also the time for people to splurge on items they don’t usually spend on. For this reason, luxury goods, automotive, travel and hospitality agencies can target both consumers who buy gifts for loved ones as well as consumers who want to treat themselves.
  • Brands can also have a theme of holiday wish list/gift-guide as a fun and practical way to promote their products. This work great for products that are segmented into categories like children’s toys, self-care products, outdoor products, etc.
  • Last but not least, the holiday season is the time to celebrate! It’s a great time for industries like alcohol, food, and event-planning services to have influencer marketing campaigns.


The Value of Giving Back

Consumers are more generous during the holiday season – or they at least want to be. If possible, your brand can offer a “feel-good” element to shopping, like a small percentage of sales would be donated to certain organizations. For companies who choose to do this, they can even partner with influencers who care about social issues and public goods.


Measure and Track your Campaign

You can come up with a unique hashtag for the holiday campaign – something that’s memorable, relatable, and most importantly, so you can track how your campaign performs. If you’re using unique links tied to each influencer in an affiliate campaign, it is also important to measure the performance so you know what is working and what is not.


No matter if your company has an extra elaborated campaign with 100+ influencers, or you choose to work with only one – the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your campaign unique to your branding and messages. With Upfluence, our AI-powered software can help you achieve this goal by finding the perfect influencers, reaching out to them in the most personalized way, and tracking your campaign performances effectively.

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