New Study from Upfluence Finds COVID-19 Lockdown Restrictions Resulted in a 24% Viewership Increase on Live-Streaming Platform Twitch

Upfluence Software’s study of viewership patterns on the leading live-streaming platform Twitch reveals how social behaviors have changed during the COVID-19 crisis and resulting quarantines worldwide. Based on the European data, the research predicts an upcoming 30-50% spike in viewership on Twitch in Western countries.


Lyon, France – March 30, 2020 – Upfluence Software, the all-in-one SaaS firm that helps brands and agencies identify, contact, manage and analyze their influencers at scale, announced today results of its new study that analyzed changing social behaviors during quarantine for the pandemic as it relates to engagement with the live-streaming platform Twitch.


Most notably, the study found confinement has led to a 24% increase in viewership on Twitch. Other highlights include:

  • Based on the data collected for Italy, France and Spain during the beginning of their confinement periods, the research predicts a spike in viewership between 30-50% for Western countries approaching the same timeframe of restricted social movement. 
  • Viewership on Twitch’s Music genre more than doubled based on data from a weekend comparison, reaching 25,000 viewers.
  • Evaluation of audiences seeking musical content on Twitch revealed new platform habits will be emerging in the coming weeks. This will potentially position Twitch as a general content streaming platform after the crisis. 


The research obtained from the new study raises two key questions. Will streaming activities from Italian, French, Spanish, English and German speaking areas offer a correlation between lockdown and an increase in total views on Twitch? Are new usage methods of the platform about to emerge?


  • To learn more, view the full report here 

Additional background information and statistics can be found in the following infographic and blog post:

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  • [Blog] How brands can use Twitch to stay connected with their customers. 


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