25 Beauty Instagram Micro-Influencers to Follow in 2020

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A list of 25 up-and-coming Instagram beauty micro-influencers with photos, metrics, and links. 

Organic make-up, striking colors on eyelids, skincare and embracing natural hair, these are the trends flourishing amongst niche beauty micro-influencers on Instagram right now. Whether you’re a brand who wants to find beauty influencers or just a beauty addict, you should know which beauty micro-influencers are stealing the show in 2020!

We’ve leveraged our database of over 3M influencers to hand-pick the best beauty micro-influencers who are making their mark thanks to their signature style and dedicated following.

Source: Instagram, featuring @daimier, @alksne, ,@pastelmints, @japanslayz and @shannon.shortcake.

Our methodology: 

 By using a combination of keywords and quantitative criteria, Upfluence analysts were able to identify top Instagram beauty influencers within the micro range (5k – 55k followers.) To do so, the proprietary technology compares influencers of similar audience sizes / niche to figure out who has the greatest engagement, likes, and comments.

Our selection covers the full spectrum of beauty influencers from make-up, skincare to nail art. But the one thing these influencers have in common is their outstanding performance!

Without further ado, here are our  beauty micro-influencer picks of 2020: 



An influencer that posts across Instagram and Youtube, sharing the make-up brands that help her achieve her glowing look! 5.5K followers and an average engagement rate of 9.66%.



This US influencer’s look is all about bright eye make-up, her Instagram features her latest looks and beauty product reviews. She’s currently got 6.2K followers and is most popular among the 16-24 age brakcet.


Ashlee of @intheglamroom specializes in skincare and beauty product development, earning her a following of 7.4K followers.


Beauty Instagram micro-influencer at the high-end of the follower spectrum with 33k followers, and a passion for dramatic make-up looks. Can you recognize any of these characters?


Working with the likes of Glossier and Ilia Beauty, Rachael is a skincare enthusiast with an A ranking for engagements, likes and comments compared to similar influencers on our platform.



This German influencer is also a make-up artist. Her following is 34K on Instagram, with 1.3K average likes on her posts.


Lena scores an A+ across the board for engagements, likes and comments on the Upfluence software. Her fantastical eye make-up designs have helped her develop a steady following of 20K on Instagram.


Karen uses Instagram and TikTok to share her videos showcasing the latest beauty products. She stands out due to her incredible enagement rate of 20.35%!



UK beauty micro-influencer with 21K followers on Instagram and 45K on Youtube, averaging an engagement rate of 5% across both channels.


With an impressive engagement rate of 17.21% Lesley is a ‘how to’ beauty guru, known for showcasing a bold color palette.


Raoul is a stylist, lending his flair to doing make-up for a range of models whilst partnering with brands such as Revlon, earning his 46K followers.


Beauty micro-influencer from Atlanta, Georgia, the self-proclaimed ‘king of blending’ with 34k followers and an engagement rate of 6.34% per post!


This beauty influencer shows off theatrical looks combining make-up and costume in their Instagram feed, with a strong average engagement rate at 10.63%.


This Chilean beauty influencer with 19K followers on Instagram is all about cruelty-free beauty products and combines striking make-up disguises with more understated looks.


An influencer dedicated to showing off her skills for nail art creations, with an impressive following of 42K on Instagram.


This beauty micro-influencer from Lativa has 12K followers, sharing her beauty looks with a backdrop of nature and cityscapes.



This influencer lets the products do all the talking, their content highlights the best features of skincare and beauty products, earning them a following of 8.2K followers.


Beauty micro-influencer Issy from the UK has 20K followers and scores an A for likes and comments for her content.


Jeanette is clean beauty champion, celebrating all things natural beauty with a good size following of 13K.


This Canadian beaury influencers specializes in tutorials, she scores an A+ across the board for engagement, likes and comments in the Upfluence software.


Lisa is an organic beauty specialist, with most of her 13K followers in the 25-34 age range.


Vanessa achieves an A+ for enagaements, likes and comments for her posts featuringorganic skin products such as Petra Organics face serum.


This South African beauty influencers champions natural hair styles in her posts and achieves a strong engagement rate of 10% per post!


This beauty influencer is at the higher end of micro-influencer bracket with 42K followers. Her account features a lot of strong eye shadow looks.


Shannon’s beauty looks combine her signature hair dyed in pastel shades and slick eye make-up. She has 19K followers on Instagram and a larger following for her Youtube channel at 77K.

With so many makeup enthusiasts on the rise, there’s no doubt that 2020 is going to be an exciting year for beauty. 

Who are your favorite beauty influencers at the moment?

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