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Working with brand ambassadors is a top strategy for activating fans in your network and turning them into influencers for your brand. People trust other people more than ads, so working with brand ambassadors will help your brand connect with new audiences and drive growth.  Whether you want to collaborate with an A-list celebrity or invite your customers to become brand ambassadors, you’ll most likely need to reach out to them by email. With this in mind, we’ve created a brand ambassador email template below to help you get started!

What is a brand ambassador? 

A brand ambassador is someone who endorses a brand, promotes its products or services, and represents them publicly. Brand ambassadors can be high-profile people in the public eye, social media creators with a large audience, or valuable customers. An ambassador may promote a brand on social media, at speaking engagements and events, or by making referrals and generating sales. There are many possibilities for running a brand ambassador campaign!

Why work with a brand ambassador? 

Brand ambassadors can help to promote your brand to relevant audiences by recommending your products and increasing brand awareness and sales through word-of-mouth marketing. Brand ambassadors embody your brand’s values and they are seen as authentic advocates for your brand because they have tried and tested your products. Here are some reasons to work with brand ambassadors:

  • To leverage UGC content
  • To feature in paid ads (especially in the case of celebrities)
  • To launch a referral or affiliate program
  • To promote your brand on social media
  • To represent your brand at events 
  • To create authentic content (rather than corporate content)
  • To get product feedback
  • To scale creator marketing programs

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How to prepare for outreach 

Now you know the benefits of working with brand ambassadors, but how do you go about reaching out to them? Well, there are a few important decisions you need to make before you send your first email. You’ll need to have a clear idea of your campaign goals, KPIs, and compensation before you can start editing the brand ambassador email template. This means that you can prepare an outreach email that contains enough information to enable your recipients to decide quickly if they are interested in joining your brand ambassador program. The more information you can share at the beginning, the quicker you can progress to onboarding your ambassadors! 

Here’s a checklist of questions you need to answer to prepare your brand ambassador email:

  • What products or services will be promoted in this campaign? 
  • What deliverables are you expecting? (number of posts, format of posts, which social media channels?). 
  • What’s the timeline of your campaign? 
  • What’s your main goal for the campaign? 
  • What compensation will you offer? (a free product, flat fee or performance-based fee, VIP benefits). 

Brand ambassador email template

An email template for reaching out to customers

Dear [First Name],

My name is [Your Name] from [Brand Name].

I hope you enjoyed your recent purchase of [Product Name]. To thank you for being a loyal customer of [Brand Name] we’d like to invite you to join our brand ambassador program! You’ll get the chance to receive free [Product Name] as well as a discount code to share with your network. 

Here’s what’s involved:

  • [Brand Name] will send you a free sample of [Product Name] for you to use for content creation. 
  • [Brand Name] will send you a personalized discount code for [$ or % amount] off.
  • We’d love for you to create a [Content Type] to post on [Social Media Channel], including the discount code in the caption. 
  • For every sale generated using your personalized discount code, we’ll offer you [$ or % amount] as compensation. 

Are you interested in joining our program?

Please reply to this email to confirm your interest and we’ll send over an agreement. 

Let us know if you have any questions, 

[Your Name]

The advantage of inviting your customers to become your brand ambassadors is that they already know and love your brand. They’ve had time to try out your products and they know how valuable they are. They can use their real-life experiences using your products to create authentic promotional posts about your brand and products. 

In this email, it’s important to show that they are a valued customer. You can do this by including personalized details about recent purchases, and by offering them early access to trying out a new product or seasonal collection as an incentive to join your brand ambassador program. 

Depending on the size of their social media audience, and the value they’ll bring to your brand, you can also offer a discount code for them to share with their network in order to directly generate sales for your brand. 

brand ambassador email
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An email template for reaching out to people who don’t know your brand

Dear [First Name],

My name is [Your Name] from [Brand Name]. We [Explain your products or services]

Your content about [Topic Niche] on [Social Media Channel] is really impressive! At [Brand Name] we’re looking for creators to join our Brand Ambassador Program, and I think you’d make a great fit! Your posts totally align with our brand values of [List Brand Values] and we’d love for you to try out [Product Name] for yourself. 

Here’s what’s involved in [Brand Name’s] Brand Ambassador Program:

  •  We’ll send you a free [Product Name] and give you a discount code for [$ or % amount off] to share with your online audience. 
  • In exchange, we ask that you create [X Number] posts for [Social Media Channel]
  • For each sale generated through your personalized discount code, [Brand Name] will offer [$ or % amount] as compensation. 

Are you interested in joining our program? 

Simply reply to this email, then we can send over an agreement and your free [Product Name]

Let us know if you have any questions!

[Your Name]

Brand ambassador email tips 

As mentioned above, a brand ambassador can be someone from within your brand network like a loyal customer or subscriber, or you can reach out to content creators to join your program. You’ll need to tailor your communications to your audience to get the best results. 

  • Introduce your brand (if doing cold outreach). When contacting influencers or content creators who you haven’t worked with before, be sure to introduce your brand, and explain what makes your products so special at the outset of your email. Remember, you want them to be excited about trying out your products. 
  • Personalize as much as possible! This really goes a long way to convincing people to join your brand ambassador program. Personalization can help you to find the perfect product to incentivize a valuable customer to become an ambassador for your brand. If you’re reaching out to creators, mentioning a specific post or something you like about their content will show them how much you appreciate the value they can bring to your brand. 
  • Make a clear offer of compensation. In your first outreach email, it’s important to say upfront what you can offer, whether that’s a free product, a discount code, a flat fee, a commission, or a combination of all of the above! It will help your creators make a decision about whether they’re interested in joining your program or not. 
  • Include a CTA/next steps. If you want to get as many positive responses as possible make the next steps easy to understand. State clearly if they should respond by email, or fill in a form for example. It can be useful to include a deadline as well if you want to gather responses quickly.

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