The July Edition: The Latest Influencer Marketing News and Trends

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Look no further for your must-read influencer marketing news and trends! We bring the latest news, resources, and trends in July’s round-up. 

Everything you need to know about influencer marketing right now in under 5 minutes!

5 must-try influencer strategies for boosting sales this summer

Inject some energy into your summer marketing campaigns with our top strategies for driving sales with influencer activations. It’s the perfect time to revamp your campaigns and optimize them to generate a maximum number of sales thanks to influencer collaborations helping you to reach new audiences.

Maybe you’re running a summer sale? Try partnering with influencers by giving them custom discount codes to share with their followers. An instant win for driving conversions and an easy way for brands to attribute sales and measure influencer performance. 

We share some inspiration on how to tap into summer trends and events to make your campaigns all the more relevant during the summer months. As our favorite summer events come back from their pandemic-induced hiatus we explore how influencers can create original content helping audiences online and in-person engage with sporting events, festivals, and more.

Plus you’ll learn how to boost sales-generating campaigns through influencer affiliation, product collaborations, and social commerce features. 

Get all the tips in the ebook Boost Sales This Summer With 5 Must-Try Influencer Marketing Strategies

Social commerce influencer strategies: a sales sensation!

Social-driven commerce is here to stay. Shopping is now happening online, and increasingly via popular social media channels that are embracing their new potential as sales channels thanks to in-app checkout. As well as the latest commerce features aiding product discovery and in-app purchasing, influencers have also stepped into a new role to help brands leverage social commerce to their advantage. Authentic influencer content such as product reviews and how-to guides are helping potential buyers see the benefits of products in short, engaging content formats. This is helping them progress from discovery to decision to purchase, all without leaving their social media app! 

In our recent blog, we outlined exactly how influencers are vital partners for brands seeking to make the most of social commerce opportunities. We show you how influencer content can be optimized to show social proof and how brands repurpose influencer-generated content as shoppable posts. You’ll learn about the latest social commerce trend: live social shopping, where influencers can become your brand’s best salespeople by promoting products and encouraging sales during a live-streamed shopping session on social media. 

Your guide to working with finance influencers 

Influencers are taking the finance industry by storm! Creators who are passionate about investment, personal finance, and cryptocurrency are educating their followers about the latest trends in finance and fintech. The industry’s growing popularity means it’s the perfect time to explore new, scalable marketing strategies. Influencer marketing is proving to be a powerful strategy for promoting brand credibility and helping finance brands generate interest from younger, tech-savvy audiences. 

Check out our blog on getting started with finance influencers to learn how to identify the best influencers, plus best practices for finance influencer campaigns. 

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