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It’s almost time to sign-out for a couple of days and indulge in some well-earned rest and relaxation over the festive period. But before you close down the laptop, take a peek at our round-up of the best resources to inspire your 2022 influencer marketing planning! Are you 100% happy with how your end-of-year influencer campaigns performed? Is there anything you’d like to improve in 2022? Now’s the time for some reflection on next year’s goals and how you’ll get there. That’s why we’ve outlined below some useful guides and cheat sheets to get your planning off to a great start! 

Drive more eCommerce sales with influencer partnerships!

If driving eCommerce growth is part of your 2022 marketing plan (and we bet it is) then you don’t want to miss out on The ultimate guide to using influencers for eCommerce. As marketers are met with increasing ad costs on paid media channels, it’s more important than ever to find digital strategies offering a high ROI. That’s where influencers come in! Social media creators can boost product discovery, web traffic and sales for your brand. Tailored campaign strategies, such as affiliate marketing help you to reach customers at all stages of the purchase journey. With top tips aplenty, this guide shows you how connecting your eCommerce store to Upfluence will help to automate tasks and increase efficiency so your campaigns will deliver the best results, fast. 

How to find the best match: influencer, affiliate or brand ambassador?

Creating brand partnerships with influencers, affiliates and brand ambassadors helps you to promote your brand through authentic product recommendations and target new customers within your audience niche. But, it can be difficult to understand the difference between the categories of influencer, affiliate and brand ambassador. That’s why we’ve put together a Cheat Sheet to Understanding Influencers, Affiliates and Brand Ambassadors. Find out the unique value of each category, how best to compensate them and what type of campaigns they are best suited to. Choose wisely to make sure you reach your marketing goals for 2022.

Upfluence’s Influencer Marketing Masterclass Videos

If you don’t feel like reading much over the holiday break then our expert masterclass series is perfect for you. Pick and choose from 7 influencer marketing masterclass videos created by Upfluence’s in-house experts. We’ve covered all the major milestones of an influencer campaign, from setting goals, to outreach and measuring success. Each video is under 7 minutes long and is packed full of top tips so you can choose which topic you’d like to learn more about before starting your 2022 planning. You’ll be up-to-date on influencer marketing best practices and ready to deliver even better campaigns in no time! 

See the latest influencer marketing news and trends for 2022! 

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