The February Edition: Influencer Marketing News and Trends

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As the month draws to a close let’s look back at the biggest influencer marketing news in February and the best resources we’ve shared over the past weeks. Even though February is the shortest month of the year, we are by no means short on content! We’ve celebrated Black History Month as well as our beloved pets on Love Your Pets Day (Feb 20th). For those in the midst of planning their next campaign, we’ve got top resources for choosing your best creators, plus a round-up of the best channels for affiliate marketing in 2022! 

Get inspiration for your seasonal campaigns! 

It’s no secret that tapping into seasonal holidays and trends can help you capture a larger audience and be part of a wider online conversation. You can get some inspiration for how you might align your marketing campaigns with key seasonal events in this eCommerce calendar for every month in 2022. This month we highlighted some of our favorite black creators to celebrate Black History Month and we offered up some top tips for how brands can work with petfluencers for Love Your Pets Day. If you’re like us and already looking ahead to summer, then get ahead of the game with this guide to driving sales with influencers this summer

Choose the best creators for your next campaign 

Depending on your goals, you have several influencer categories to choose from when recruiting creators for your next campaign. You may choose to hone in on reaching a niche segment of your audience with micro-influencers, or perhaps you’re ready to scale your reach with macro-influencers? If you want to get a deep understanding of the different categories and what kind of campaigns they’re suited to then check out this blog on Understanding Influencer Types. Maybe you have already decided which influencer category will be ideal for your next campaign. Then you can explore the specific influencer categories in-depth in these dedicated blogs about working with micro-influencers, macro-influencers and celebrities, and organic influencers

Select the right channel for affiliate marketing

If your business is running an affiliate program this year then make sure you’re working with affiliates across the best channels to boost reach and conversions for your affiliate links. Consider testing out new channels such as podcasts, live selling and influencer marketing as a way to bring increased traffic to your affiliate links. While blogs remain a tried and tested strategy that shouldn’t be overlooked, you can get even better results by mixing and matching several different channels for affiliate promotion. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve outlined the best channels, tips and strategies for affiliate marketing on the blog.  

Influencer marketing news in February!

  • On Snapchat, the number of Spotlight viewers subscribing to a Creator more than doubled in Q4 2021

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