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It’s the home stretch of the holiday shopping season as we head into the beginning of December. This month we’ve seen how influencers have helped spearhead live social shopping events across social media platforms including Twitter’s first live shopping event with Walmart and Jason Derulo, YouTube’s Stream and Shop, and the announcement of Instagram’s Holiday Pop-Up Shop LIVE taking place in December. With every brand’s minds turned to maximize sales at this crucial time of year, in this influencer marketing round-up we’ll share our newest resources to help you get more from your holiday influencer campaigns and boost your affiliate marketing campaigns. 

Your customers are your best affiliates!

Driving sales on social media comes down to authentic product recommendations and a frictionless journey to checkout. By recruiting your influential customers as affiliates for your brand, you can help to convert even more new customers thanks to natural brand affinity and a clear call-to-action. The keys to success when hiring customers as affiliates are:

  • Effectively analyzing social data to pinpoint the best candidates for your affiliate program
  • Choosing a relevant incentive based on data insights and your goals
  • Ensuring a smooth setup process using a tool such as Upfluence to activate your new affiliates in no time!

You can get the low-down on the best practices for launching this type of affiliate program in our article How to convert your customers into affiliates

What’s more, once you’ve launched your campaign you can use these tips to drive more traffic to your affiliate links

For the seasoned pros of affiliate marketing, you might be looking to grow your program. This recent blog shows you how to scale your influencer strategy with influencers.

Maximize holiday sales! 

It’s peak time for holiday marketing and if you’re an agency that’s managing holiday influencer campaigns for your clients, then you’re under extra pressure to deliver results. Make sure every step of your campaign management is optimized with these top tips for agencies running holiday influencer marketing campaigns. How you amplify your campaigns in the coming weeks will be crucial to getting those extra sales! Plus get tips on calculating ROI and demonstrating the value generated by the campaign. 

Even as a record-breaking Cyber Weekend comes to a close, brands can keep up the momentum of their campaigns thanks to affiliate deals, limited-time offers and social commerce. 

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