The October Edition: Get The Latest Influencer Marketing News and Trends

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October’s influencer marketing news offers everything brands and agencies need as they edge closer to the holiday shopping season, Upfluence is stepping up to help with a dedicated ebook on running influencer campaigns during the holidays. This month we’ve also published a new masterclass series created by in-house experts to help you get up to speed on the latest best practices and deliver the best influencer marketing campaigns all year round. 

Look no further for a hearty slice of holiday marketing expertise to get your Black Friday and Cyber Monday planning off to a good start! 

Learn from the experts! Upfluence’s Influencer Marketing Masterclasses

We’ve called on the expertise of the team’s influencer marketing specialists to create a new masterclass series of 7 videos each tackling a key influencer strategy milestone:

  • What is influencer marketing?
  • Goals & strategy
  • Smart influencer selection
  • Mastering outreach
  • Choosing campaign types
  • Measuring success
  • Getting the most from your campaigns

This new resource offers in-depth insight and top tips in a matter of minutes, making it the perfect go-to for marketers who are short on time! Whether you’re an influencer marketing beginner, or want to learn how to get even more value from your campaigns, choose your topic and dive in! 

Create holiday influencer marketing campaigns that deliver!

Shopping has changed forever, and even as we emerge from the pandemic, the holiday season won’t be without its challenges. There have already been reports of disruption to supply chains encouraging shoppers to start buying gifts even earlier this year. With this in mind, brands and agencies can turn to influencer marketing as a versatile marketing strategy that helps brands to build authentic connections with customers and turn awareness into conversions. 

Upfluence’s ebook Holiday Season Influencer Marketing is full of guidance on how to recruit the best influencers and what types of activations will help you drive those all-important holiday sales. You’ll learn how to leverage social commerce as an opportunity to drive more sales through influencer-generated content shared on social media. 

When targeting a brand new audience, activating your influential customers as brand ambassadors is key to sharing product information and reviews in a way that’s authentic and builds trust with people who don’t yet know your brand. Inside the guide, you’ll get top tools and techniques to help you automate organic influencer identification and activation to help your holiday marketing run smoothly! Plus get practical tips on promoting holiday discounts and creating sales-focused influencer campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Lastly, with Halloween upon us this weekend, get some inspiration for your Instagram feed with this selection of 5 Halloween influencers for the spooky season


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