How to Approach Instagram Influencers About Promoting Your Brand

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Looking to work with influencers on Instagram? This is what you need to know about approaching them.

After reaching 800 million monthly active users in September 2017, Instagram recently announced that they’ve officially reached 1 billion monthly active users.

Statistic: Number of monthly active Instagram users from January 2013 to June 2018 (in millions) | Statista
This massive increase in users has made Instagram a go-to platform for many brands. In fact, there were 9.7 million brand-sponsored influencer posts in 2016 alone, with this number set to reach 32.3 million by 2019.

Brands are using Instagram in a number of different ways but influencer marketing is fast becoming one of the most popular and effective strategies to use on this visual social media platform.

How to approach influencers on Instagram

If you are looking to use Instagram to reach out to potential influencers about promotional opportunities, there are two different approaches that you can take.

Reaching out to 10 influencers or less

If you’re only looking to reach out to a few influencers, the best approach is to contact them directly on Instagram.

Start by creating a spreadsheet and adding the names and Instagram profile links for each influencer that you’re wanting to contact. You can then either send each influencer a direct message on Instagram or you can obtain their email from the contact section of their profile in order to send them a proposal. Make a note of the time and date that you contacted each influencer so that you can follow up again in a day or two.

While this process sounds simple enough, there are a few tips that you can use to increase your chances of success:

  • Choose the right influencers.

    When an influencer is not the right match for your brand, you’re simply wasting your time and theirs. It’s important to do some research on potential influencers before you approach them. Look at the types of brands they’ve worked with in the past, who their followers are and most importantly, whether their values and personality are aligned with your brand. If you’re new to influencer marketing, here are some additional tips on identifying good influencers.  

  • Check their website first.

    Before you contact a potential influencer, navigate to their website to check whether they’ve already posted information on their collaboration policies. Knowing how they prefer to approach Instagram campaigns will allow you to check that your brand is the right fit and that you meet their collaboration criteria before you contact them.

  • Always be professional.

    If you’re sending a direct message from Instagram, always send it from your business account. And if you will be emailing an influencer, make sure that you’re using a professional address if you want to increase your chances of securing them.

  • Choose the right time to reach out.

    When it comes to grabbing an influencer’s attention, it’s often helpful to reach out during a time when they aren’t receiving an influx of messages and emails such as a Sunday morning.

Tips for emailing potential Instagram influencers

If you would prefer to email potential influencers instead of messaging them on Instagram, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Firstly, each email that you send out should be unique and include details that are specific to each influencer. What is your unique value proposition and why do you think they would be a good fit for your brand?

Remember, you need to have something great to offer them if you want to grab their attention. While a monetary offer usually works quite well, it does leave you with less leverage. Rather start out by offering them free samples of your product so that you can take your conversation further from there.

Your email template is also important and adding dynamic fields will help create a more personalized experience. Most email marketing platforms have a wide range of tags that you can add to your emails, including Company Name, Instagram Name, Job Title, Business Name, Product Descriptions and Business Taglines.

It’s also important to add a question or call to action at the end of the email so that an influencer knows exactly what to do next in order to get in touch with you and take the conversation further.

Reaching out to more than 10 influencers

There are thousands of influencers on Instagram and whether or not you should get in touch with a couple hundred is all dependent on your unique business goals. If you will be reaching out to more than just a handful of influencers, it’s best to automate the process.

When you’re reaching out to a couple hundred or thousand influencers, manually messaging and emailing each one is simply not a viable option. On top of that, it would take days to sift through all of the options in order to identify the right influencers for your brand. This is where influencer marketing tools make a huge difference, making it easier to not only identify influencers but reach out to them too.

Upfluence Software has an integrated emailing tool that makes reaching out to influencers easy. Build lists and contact any of the 1.2M+ influencers directly from our platform. Since email is already integrated, there’s no need to dig for contact information or struggle with spreadsheets. Whether you would prefer a mass-emailing approach or want to contact influencers one by one, Upfluence Software simplifies the process.

The beauty of the Upfluence platform is that you can use a variety of different templates, internal notes, and real-time open rates to test different approaches with hundreds of influencers in a matter of minutes. By being able to instantly optimize your email campaigns, you’ll automatically increase your chances of securing the influencers you really want to work with.

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