Upfluence Chrome plugin: FREE Analytics for Any Influencer!

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Browse, evaluate, contact.

Social media analytics built into your browser.

This Chrome plugin is the ultimate “do it yourself” tool for influencer marketing. No purchase necessary, no hassle, just unrivaled insights.

Upfluence for Chrome allows you to analyze an influencer’s profile straight from your browser and is compatible with profiles on all major networks: such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube,  Pinterest, and Blogs.

Immediate benefits include greater online transparency, easy-access contact info, and lots of time saved.

Here’s how to get started:

Simply download the Chrome plugin here (*must be logged into a Google account.)

Go to a social media profile of interest. 

Click the Upfluence Plugin icon, as seen in the image below, from your plugin menu (top right) for unmatched analytics insights.




What will you get with the Upfluence for Chrome plugin?

Deep Dive Channel Insight

Instantaneous, cutting-edge analytics for any influencer, for all of their social media accounts. 

Influencer statistics as shown in the Upfluence Chrome Extension.

With Upfluence analytics, you’ll know exactly who influencers influence and how well.

Thanks to detailed performance history, users can see how well an influencer’s posts have been performing over the past 60 days for any given platform they use. Each profile comes with a follower analysis (% of real vs. fake) and follower demographic data. The tool also shows their average number of likes and comments as well as an auto-generated “suggested price” for collaboration based on their engagement rates.

Learn more about our expertly sourced data here.

Make Notes on Memorable Influencers

A tab to write notes about the influencer which are saved for your future use. 

Influencer statistics as shown in the Upfluence Chrome Extension.

Influencer Bio Breakdown

The influencer tab displays all available personal information about the influencer including their full name, email address, and phone number. 

Influencer statistics as shown in the Upfluence Chrome Extension.

This is the perfect tool for anyone seeking to improve their influencer marketing process.

The Upfluence Plugin can be used for a variety of purposes: whether you want to check out your own analytics, those of a competitor, or if you’re an influencer, you can use our reliable third-party statistics to share with brands as an impressive performance media kit.

However you decide to use it, know that it is a powerful plugin that contains the very same data we rely on for our marketing services.

We’re sharing it because we believe there should be no guessing in influencer marketing.

Upfluence for Chrome is designed to offer a more complete overview of any influencer in question before you reach out to them.

Not only is it a total life-hack, but we also hope that it will add a level of transparency that to this date has been unavailable in the industry. We know how crucial analytics are to the success and credibility of influencer marketing.

Please enjoy our tool and stay tuned for even greater updates!

Ready for better browsing? Add The Upfluence App.






Influencers featured in this article: @marianna_hewitt

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