The ultimate eCommerce calendar for every month in 2022!

The way we shop has changed forever, with consumers now turning to eCommerce and social commerce to buy everything from groceries to jewelry and gifts. Brands now have more opportunities to reach more customers through online retail, but it does mean more competition! Knowing what your customers are looking for and tapping into seasonal trends thanks to an eCommerce calendar of events is an important part of planning your marketing campaigns. Whether you want to run ads, promotions, or collobrate with influencers – be sure to harness seasonal holidays to offer up timely deals to your customers and drive even more sales!

That’s why we’ve put together a month-by-month eCommerce calendar for 2022 to help you prepare for the dates that align with your brand and truly speak to your audience. 

Seasonality affects eCommerce product demand, so pay attention to what that means for your brand and when particular items or services experience spikes in demand. To help you find meaningful ways to stand out from the crowd, especially in the vast plains of online shopping, and to give you an added advantage, this monthly breakdown for online store optimization should have you starting 2022 on the right foot!

Let’s take a look at the eCommerce calendar for 2022!

january marketing events

We’ve got Christmas money to spend and New Year/New Me dreams to purchase! January is one of the most thrilling months for online shoppers. What better time to pique the interest of new and existing customers than now! From discounts to VIP testers, to brand new product lines, January is full to bursting with savvy shoppers and online stores. There are so many ways to position your brand during January; consumers are focusing on goal setting and achieving their resolutions.

Top events in January:

  • Veganuary
  • Dry January
  • Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day (17th)
  • Burn’s Night (25th)

Reconnect with customers, encourage loyalty and welcome the newly initiated and start building relationships.

february marketing events

My new year resolutions rarely last until February! Like most consumers, I’m ready to have my attention grabbed by all things hearts, chocolate, and love for Valentine’s Day! But there’s so much more to February than loved up couples! The entire month is dedicated to Black History, so if your brand offers educational and purposeful products or services, you could help share an important message. There’s also Super Bowl Sunday, Chinese New Year, and President’s Day, so plenty of variation for brands to make an impression. You don’t have to sell related products to make the most of these events and national holidays, you can simply feature the theme, offer discount codes, or share your enthusiasm for the day!

Top events in February:

  • Black History Month
  • Chinese New Year (1st)
  • Super Bowl Sunday (13th)
  • Valentine’s Day (14th)
  • President’s Day (21st)

march marketing events

By March, we’re well and truly in the swing of the new year and putting the winter coats back in the wardrobe! As the northern hemisphere prepares to welcome the Spring Equinox, now is a perfect time to position your brand for all things new. March also brings St Patrick’s Day, a great excuse to incorporate shamrocks, Guinness, luck, and all things green! If your customer base is worldwide you can offer specific products and discounts for Mother’s Day in the UK, the Holi Festival in India, and Father’s Day in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. You can let your creativity go wild for International Women’s Day, show the ladies in your database some love with personalized emails offering special discounts and promotions.

Top events in March:

  • Pancake Day (1st)
  • International Women’s Day (8th)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day (17th)
  • Mother’s Day (UK)
  • Father’s Day (Spain, Italy & Portugal)
  • Holi (18th)

marketing events in april

Depending on where you are in the world, you’re either basking in the calm of an April evening in the garden or layering up for a freezing winter. Your marketing and product features should reflect that. Take the time to segment your audience and create high impact media strategies that really resonate with your audiences. For your Western audiences, April Fools’ Day is a great opportunity to show your brand’s sense of humor with unusual and funny content, ideal for viral opportunities. If your products or services align more with Easter, you could tie in the message of new beginnings and of course, chocolate, to your marketing strategy. If environmental issues are something you and your brand care about or are known for, then this is the ideal time to let your audiences and customers know. Consider promoting your eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable products for World Earth Day.

Top events in April:

  • April Fool’s Day (1st)
  • Easter (17th)
  • World Earth Day (22nd)
  • World Book Day (23rd)

marketing events in may

May brings several key dates, with good audience segmentation you can offer promotions, discounts, and good old-fashioned fun! From Star Wars Day, Biscuit Day, and Eurovision, to Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day. May is also the time to get your summer campaigns started! It’s a busy month!

Top events in May:

  • Star Wars Day (4th)
  • Cinco de Mayo (5th)
  • Mother’s Day (US)
  • Biscuit Day (14th)
  • Memorial Day (31st)

marketing events in june

It’s officially summer! June is made for social media! It’s a key date for your eCommerce calendar as it’s the time to welcome the new season and lauch your summer collections! Notable dates to mark in your calendar include Pride, running the entire month and Father’s Day (Canada, the US, and most European countries). In general, June is a great month to offer wellbeing, holiday related shopping and new wardrobes that coincide with holiday makers jetting off for a well deserved rest, and fashionistas getting their seasonal wardrobe in order. If you offer sporting and exercise apparel, why not feature Wimbledon for sporting enthusiasts and tennis fans.

Top events in June:

  • Pride
  • Father’s Day (Canada, US and Europe)
  • Wimbledon (27th)

marketing events in july

Don’t let July lull you into a false sense of summer security! If Canada Day, Independence Day, Bastille Day and the probability of a Summer Olympics in Tokyo don’t keep your marketing and sales teams busy, there’s also the start of the school holidays and Back To School campaign preparations to get signed off.

Top events in July:

  • Canada Day (1st)
  • Independence Day (4th)
  • Bastille Day (14th)

marketing events in august

August calls for creativity! Getting the attention of your customers and target audiences in August can be tricky. You’re competing with prime holiday time, so if your brand serves one this month’s niche celebratory dates, you’re in luck. Cats, dogs, books, photographers and nonprofits seem to be the only thing getting attention this month with dedicated days for each, and rightly so! August offers a great opportunity to get your back to school campaigns in order, and help kids and parents stay a step ahead of the school rush!

Top events in August:

  • Back to school
  • International Cat Day (8th)
  • National Book Lover’s Day (9th)
  • International Dog Day (26th)

marketing events in september

September welcomes the Autumn/Fall equinox, so another wardrobe update is in order for the fashion forward amongst us. Back-to-school is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, that’s a must-have for your eCommerce calendar. Students are raring to go with new clothes, new uniforms and the must-have pencil cases for their return to school. It’s a great time for online sales, and also a great time to promote discounts and deals that soften the costs associated with BTS. Don’t forget about Father’s Day in Australia, Labour Day in America and Canada and an entire month of celebrations dedicated to Hispanic and Latin American cultures. If you aren’t lucky enough to attend Oktoberfest in Germany why not help your customers recreate the magic at home with product lines dedicated to beer, dirndl, lederhosen, pretzels and beer steins and mugs!

Top events in September:

  • Labor Day (6th)
  • Oktoberfest (17th)

marketing events in october

There are quite a few notable dates in October that you should mark in your commerce calendar. Canada celebrates Thanksgiving, which in and of itself celebrates what one has, rather than buying more, however there are many festivities that accompany the celebration that you can prepare for, for example football marathons, parades and all things that encourage time spent with families. Breast Cancer Awareness month presents your brand with an opportunity to give back and donate a percentage of your sales to the charity, as well as encouraging customers and target audiences to have fun and raise awareness for a great cause through promotions on fun products. October is a foodies dream with days dedicated to World Food, National Nut Day, World Pasta Day, National Taco Day and World Vegetarian Day, plus the frighteningly sweet treat day, Halloween! 

Top events in October:

  • Breast Cancer Awareness month
  • World Vegetarian Day (1st)
  • Canadian Thanksgiving (10th)
  • World Food Day (16th)
  • Halloween (31st)

marketing events in november

No eCommerce calendar is complete without planning marketing campaigns for the holiday shopping period. November is full of significant dates, from Thanksgiving, to Guy Fawkes Night, and Remembrance Day. It’s also the run up to Christmas with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday fueling holiday shopping sales. Competition will be high, let your marketing team run wild and show off their creativity. With such a varied month of dates, your brand must find its place among the din of online advertising and marketing. It’s time to pull a few tricks out of the bag like adding a countdown timer to your website, offering limited-time-only sales, revealing stock levels, and generating buzz, excitement and urgency for what’s to come in December! 

Top events in November:

  • Guy Fawkes Night (5th)
  • Single’s Day (11th)
  • World Cup 2022 begins (22nd)
  • Thanskgiving (24th)
  • Black Friday & Cyber week (25th)
  • Small Business Saturday (26th)

marketing events in december

The beginning of December is still a prime shopping period, with Green Monday landing on the second Monday of the month, it’s the little brother to Cyberweek, and a significant ecommerce date as consumers scramble for last minute deals and presents. This month is all about promoting and discounting your most gift worthy products and keeping your customers in the loop about order deadlines and delivery expectations. Now is not the time to let your customers down, why not take part in Free Shipping Day or offer package tracking. There are so many fun and engaging ways your brand can get involved during December, from National Sock Day, National Cookie Day, Christmas Jumper Day, and Festivus! And let’s not forget the inevitable last minute needs before Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day!

Top events in December:

  • Christmas Jumper Day (11th)
  • Free Shipping Day (14th)
  • Hannukah (18th)
  • World Cup 2022 ends (18th)
  • Christmas Day (25th)
  • Boxing Day (26th)
  • New Year’s Eve (31st)

Before you pour another glass of Holiday cheer, prep your January Sales campaigns and get ready to plan your eCommerce calendar all over again for 2023!

Next steps for planning your eCommerce strategy in 2022

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