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Summer is in full swing, which can only mean one thing – the back-to-school season is just around the corner! If you want to take advantage of the second largest shopping event of the year, then it’s time to plan your influencer marketing campaigns now! In July’s roundup, were bringing top strategy tips to help you collaborate with the right influencers for the back-to-school season. You’ll find the ultimate back-to-school influencer campaign checklist to help you get the most from this crucial sales opportunity! Plus, the top stories from the world of influencer marketing that you might have missed this month. 

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Are you ready for the back-to-school season?

The back-to-school shopping behavior of parents, students, and teachers this year will see a predicted 8% increase in year-on-year spending. This is partly due to inflation which is driving up prices, and consumers who will continue to prioritize spending on essential back-to-school supplies over other areas. 

It’s clear that people will still be looking to buy new clothes, stationery, tech, and furniture before returning to school or college. With this in mind, how can you make the most of the back-to-school season with influencer marketing? Our blog Score an A+ for Your Back-To-School Influencer Marketing is packed with useful strategy tips. We’ll help you decide how you can reach your audience by collaborating with influencers across different niches such as parenting, college life, home decor, and tech. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the most popular verticals driving BTS sales. 

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Once you’re ready to run your campaigns, make sure to keep Upfluence’s Back-to-school influencer campaign checklist to hand! We take you through the key steps to follow at the planning, delivery, and post-campaign stages so you can optimize every campaign milestone. 

Need some inspiration for which creators to work with this BTS season? Check out Upfluence’s top pick of back-to-school influencers, and if you’re targeting Gen Z shoppers, don’t miss Upfluence’s list of top college influencers

The key to getting started with affiliate marketing

As a digital marketer focused on driving growth, you’ve no doubt asked yourself the question: influencer marketing or affiliate marketing: which is best for my brand? With squeezed marketing budgets and rising ad costs, making the right choice of marketing channel is more important than ever. But, perhaps you haven’t considered the benefits of combining influencer marketing and affiliate programs. In a recent article, we explore the similarities and differences between these two strategies and come to the conclusion that brands can drive sales through creators by leveraging the reach of social influencers within their affiliate program. And the best news? Upfluence helps you run your affiliate campaigns from A to Z, saving you time and money but offering one tool to manage any type of creator partnership! 

If you’re considering trying affiliate marketing for the first time ahead of the holiday season, then you’ve come to the right place. Take the next few weeks and months to plan your affiliate programs, run tests and get fully prepared before launching a new affiliate campaign for the holiday season. Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the idea of starting a new marketing activity from scratch? No need to stress, Upfluence has a Beginner’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing that takes you through all the preliminary steps you need to know. From understanding how affiliate programs work to recruiting affiliates and setting commission rates, follow Upfluence’s expert guidance to launch your first affiliate program successfully! 

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