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Influencer Marketing

Paying Influencers: Payment vs. Product

Paying influencers doesn’t have to be confusing. This post will help you answer the following questions to ensure you

Upfluence, influencer types
Influencer Marketing

Understanding Influencer Types

With so many types of influencers and creators to suit every industry niche, it can be challenging to choose

Influencer Marketing

Adored by Brands: Pet Influencers

You’ve heard of beauty influencers and lifestyle influencers… now introducing pet influencers! In fact, famous pets have been around

repurposing influencer content
Influencer Marketing

Repurposing influencer content: a how-to guide

Repurposing influencer-generated content (IGC) within your content marketing and paid media strategies helps you to boost campaign longevity, increase

Top Beauty YouTubers 2019
Influencer Marketing

Top 25 Beauty YouTubers to Follow

YouTube has a thriving community of stellar beauty creators. Cosmetics and beauty are growing industries on the channel as