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Content Marketing

The Future of Content Marketing

Since February 2010, and the Google Panda algorithm update, we’ve been hearing a lot about content marketing. Yet, we’ve

Influencer Marketing

How do we define an influencer?

Before writing this article I researched as a user (lambda) the term “Influencer” on Wikipedia. We can find two

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing & Power Middle

Our world is social, and so is the web. Internet users create online, their very own social ecosystem the

Content Marketing

Free Blogging: the end of an era ?

Since the first platforms dedicated to the hosting and publishing of blogs, way before the appearance of social networks

cost per mille advertising
Content Marketing

CPM? Thanks but no thanks

CPM (ie. ‘Cost per Mille’, Mille being “thousand” in Latin) is a metric well known to marketers. Over the